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September 2, 2020

Newsletter Translations

Newsletter Translations

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Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing this Week

This week your child will being MAP testing either remotely or in person at school. If you filled out the survey saying you'd like your child to test at school a staff member will be contacting you to let you know of your child's date and time.

Please remember students must wear a mask when MAP testing. Please be on time so we have enough time to complete the prescreener and get students comfortable in the computer lab.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

Face to Face Learning Starts September 8th for Those Who Chose Face 2 Face

This year our school procedures are a little different due to COVID19. Please remember that these procedures are designed to keep students, parents, and staff members safe as we return to in-person learning.

  • All students and staff are required to wear a mask. (Masks with vents and gaiters are not allowed).
  • Visitors to the building are not allowed at this time.
  • You will not be able to walk your student to their classrooms or eat with them at lunch.
  • If you need to meet with a teacher or with the office staff, please call to make an appointment.
  • All parents should check Skyward to ensure we have current phone numbers for parents and anyone that would be an emergency contact. It is extremely important that the school can reach a parent or guardian if a student becomes sick during the school day.
  • Parents will need to pick-up students that are sick within 30 minutes of being notified by the school nurse.

Attendance is important. Be sure your student is logging into canvas every day. If your child is feeling ill, is running a temperature of 100 or more, has a cough, or anyone in your home has these symptoms, please keep them home and contact the school. The school nurse will provide guidance about when the student can return to school.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate returning to school.

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Face to Face Technology

Students that have already received a GISD device will need to bring it to school with them each day. Students that do not have a GISD issued device are encouraged to to bring a device from home if possible. GISD has ordered additional Chromebooks for all face to face learners. However, due to the demand across the nation, the shipment has been delayed.

Please make sure students bring their charging cords with them for school issued and personal devices each day.

Park Crest students will have access to a limited number of desktops and iPads. All students that return face to face will have the materials, either print or electronic, necessary for their success.

Safety and Security - GISD Mask Updates

Bandanas and other coverings that do not fit snugly against the face, gaiters that are made of thin polyester/fleece material, and masks with vents are not allowed in learning environments or hallways because they do not effectively prevent the spread of respiratory droplets into the air.

This information can be found on page 24 of the Updated GISD Reopening Guidebook.

Mask that are NOT Allowed by GISD (yellow mask does not cover nose)

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Take Advantage of GISD's New Mobile App!

The Garland ISD mobile app can be a very useful tool for parents, providing easy access to important information such as the bus pre-screening form, news, events and more. We would love for all families to take advantage of this valuable resource.

Additional information, including links to download the app, is available at

Exciting Things Happening at Northplace Church, our Partner!

I want to make you aware of many exciting things that Northplace Church is planning for your GISD community:

1. We know that some families are choosing to keep their kids at home this semester due to the concerns of COVID, classroom sizes, etc. We know that thus far, the virtual school has been a great success for the majority of families but there are still some families that have struggled for various reasons. One of them being poor internet connections. In response to these families, Northplace Garland is opening Remote Virtual Classroom (RVC). We are compliant with COVID restriction and maintaining physical distancing and keeping our classrooms very small. We are staffed and parents can drop off their students or do school in our building. Our doors will open from 8 AM - 3 PM, Monday - Friday. If you would like to know more about our RVC please reach out to Mrs. Reynolds, her information is below.

2. In partnership with Dallas County Community Colleges, beginning on Tuesday, October 6th, we will start our Adult Education Program. Every Tues & Thur evening (6 PM - 8 PM) we will offer the following classes, Adult ESL, GED, and El Civics (citizenship preparation). If you might be interested in this program, please reach out to Mrs. Reynolds.

Thank you,

Sonya Reynolds

Sonya Reynolds

Director, School Care Program

Northplace Church

Phone (469) 323-6624


Church Website


The Family Success with Canvas Checklist linked above will take you to MANY resources that will help you enhance and troubleshoot your remote learning experience.

As always, please reach out to us if these resources do not lead you to a resolution!

Please "PAIR" with your student's Canvas account!

“It allows me to access the kids accounts through the Canvas app on my phone and sends me email updates. I can also send messages to teachers via Canvas app, etc. It's been helpful for me to try to keep track of all 3 when I'm at work.” ~Park Crest Parent

Here is how to find the pairing code:

Here is how to pair the account:

Back to School Forms - Due!

Every year, back-to-school forms ask families to verify or update contact information, select notification preferences, agree to guidelines on acceptable use of technology, etc.

Back-to-School forms for the 2020-21 school year are now available online in Skyward. Please make plans to complete these important forms so staff have the most up-to-date information for your student.

Important: No printed forms will be distributed this year. The entire process will be completed online in Skyward. Please call the school if you need help logging in to Skyward.

Important Dates to Remember


Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

2 - Early Dismissal - 1/2 day staff development

2 - Progress Reports posted in Skyward

7 - Labor Day - No School

7-11 - Suicide Prevention Week

8 - First Day of Face-to-Face Classes

25 - MAP Window Closes


Drug and Alcohol Prevention Month and Anti-Bullying Month

2 - 1st Cycle Ends

Mrs. Nethaway's Library 'LANDING PAGE'

Students have the opportunity to check out library books even while learning at home. Read more in Mrs. Nethaway's newsletter!

Counselor’s Corner

If you need assistance with individual concerns or counseling services, please reach out to Mrs. Medrano-Johnson at, or fill out the following Park Crest Request for Counseling Services form by using the QR code or clicking on the link.


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