Technology in the classroom

Unleashing the child's mind

The Texas Pre-K Guideline for technology is that the child uses and names a variety of computer input devices, such as mouse, keyboard,

voice/sound recorder, touch screen, CD-ROM.

This guideline is met in my classroom by providing access to and training for the iPad, computer, recorders and cameras.

My goal is for the students to become familiar and comfortable with technology and for them to take control of their own learning through technology.

The following videos, and articles are show the positive effect on learning when technology is used in the classroom.

Technology in Education

Follow the link above and read the article Helping Hands

Think about how technology can enhance the thoughts and ideas of students. Read how this young student used technology in the article Helping Hands and answer these questions:

1) How will you use technology to help your students "think out of the box"?

2) What challenges will there be in technology implementation and how will you solve them?

3) What will be the benefits for your students?

4) Have you created a positive attitude for the students and parents surrounding technology and it's use in your classroom?

Website for students

There are many fun websites that I use in my classroom. One of my favorites is Poisson Rouge it is an amazing site available in English, Spanish and French. It encourages children to learn digitally through free explorations. A Student can click on anything and will be taken to a variety of activities from puzzles to sounds to the alphabet.