A New Teacher

Taylor Schult

It was a long summer day when my family and I were parking in the school parking lot. We had just moved to Anna,TX and it was time to start school. Right away, the one thing I noticed was that there were loads of people in the school building. I could barley get through the doors without bumping into someone. I also got to meet my principals. They were standing at the door way to greet all of the parents.

After I got past the greeting of my principals, the first thing i saw was the cafeteria. On the tables were papers for the parents. After that they had a presentation for the parents to watch. It included all of the rules and policies that the school has. It also had the schedule for each grade.

The next thing I did was go and meet my homeroom teacher. Her name was Mrs.Pratt. She was also one of my moms friends on Facebook. Her classroom reminded me of my dream classroom. She did not have any desks. Instead, she had couches, comfortable chairs, and a big table with chairs surrounding it.

In the end I had a lot of fun. It was amazing to meet my teachers and getting to see my new school. Mrs.Pratt is a very nice lady and I was very exited to meet her. My emotions had really gone from nervous to exited for the new school year. Overall, my new teacher is not so bad.

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