10 Tips in 10 Minutes: ClassFlow

Not enough time to learn about technology? No problem!

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1. What is Promethean ClassFlow?

ClassFlow is Promethean's newest lesson building tool. ClassFlow allows teachers to create interactive and engaging assignments and assessments that "live" online in the cloud.

2. ClassFlow Introductory Webinar

Tuesday, April 12th, 3:45pm

This is an online event.

Please Register in Advance by Clicking this Link. All K-12 teachers and district support staff are invited to join us for an overview of this resource.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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3. Sign Up for Class Flow

Sign up for ClassFlow

4. Why Try ClassFlow?

Check out this 20 second video from Promethean's ClassFlow You Tube Channel!
The Most Dynamic 45 Minutes of Every Day

5. ClassFlow Desktop

ClassFlow Desktop turns any program on your teacher workstation into interactive and engaging content for students. Download the program here: https://www.classflow.com/classflow/#/cf-desktop The video below is from ClassFlow You Tube channel and lasts less than 2 minutes.
ClassFlow Desktop

6. ClassFlow Alien Race

Alien Race is a new game-based assessment tool! Download the application at this link: https://www.classflow.com/classflow/#/

7. Search for Resources

The 45-second video from the ClassFlow You Tube channel below explains the new ClassFlow Marketplace.
ClassFlow Help: Marketplace

8. Create an Assignment

The 1-minute video below from Promethean explains how to get started creating assignments in ClassFlow.
ClassFlow Help: Creating an Assignment

9. Create an Assessment

The 1-minute video below from the ClassFlow You Tube channel will help you get started creating assessments in ClassFlow.
ClassFlow Help: Creating an Assessment

10. Connect Tablets and Computers to ClassFlow Using ActivInspire 2.0!

Watch this short video from the Promethean ClassFlow You Tube Channel.
How To Connect Tablets & Computers To A Lesson In ActivInspire 2.0

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