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September 30, 2013

Volume 5, Issue 2

Upcoming October Dates:

October 2nd - 6th Graders go to Biztown

October 8th - PTO Meeting at 5:30 in the library

October 9th - Fundraiser orders due

October 17th - 3rd Graders go to Focus on Health at South Side

October 17th - End of 1st Nine Weeks

October 18th - October 22nd - No School (Fall Break)

October 24th - Report Cards Issued

October 29th-30th - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Annual Grandparent's Breakfast a Huge Success!

On Thursday, September 19th North Side celebrated Grandparent’s Day with a morning of donuts, milk, juice, and togetherness. This year we exceeded our previous year’s number of attendees resulting in 35 dozen donuts, over 10 gallons of milk, and 6 jugs of orange juice. Grandparents also had the opportunity to get their picture taken with their grandchildren to commemorate the event. After enjoying their breakfast, the attendees were invited to tour the building and see their grandchildren’s classrooms and other sites of the school. The book fair was also open during this time allowing grandparents to spoil their grandchildren with a book, poster, and/or trinket. Both grandparents and their grandchildren were smiling from ear to ear at the conclusion of the festivities. A big thanks to all of the staff members who came in early to help with this event as well as the PTO for organizing such a memorable event. One grandparent was even quoted as saying “I look forward to this every year, now.”

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5th Graders Go to Camp Potawatomi

Sixty students, three teachers, seventeen chaperones, and one principal enjoyed the perfect weather during their trip to Camp Potawotami. The students participated in several classes throughout the day. They challenged themselves to climb the Climbing Tower that soars fifty feet in the air. One student said, “It was scary, but I just couldn’t stop. I had to make it to the top.” They had to work together during the Team Building activities to reach a specific goal. Students were encouraged to communicate in order to be successful at accomplishing their tasks. The Native American class allowed them to explore the tribes that were in the area, their written language, and a few games that their children played during their free time. Several students got very wet while searching for living organisms in the Pond Study class. They found many interesting living creatures that they categorized and discussed. One group even found something that no one could classify. Even the counselor was stumped. The new class they had was the Wetlands Hike. This turned out to be an excellent experience. They looked at plant life and insects to begin the class. This was followed up by a skit where students portrayed parts of the food chain. Then they explored the wetlands and learned about plant defenses. The students loved jumping on the natural water trampoline. This was then followed by students watching the methane gas rise to the top as they rocked the bridge on the bog.

The evening activity was the Underground Railroad where students turned into slaves trying to find freedom through the Underground Railroad. Students encountered many obstacles and people who wanted to keep them as slaves. They also met several people such as Harriet Tubman, Levi Coffin, and Katherine Coffin, who helped them along their journey to Canada. This activity was followed by a campfire chat discussing their experiences and what it must have been like to be a slave in search for freedom. The students were astounded to find out that during the time of slavery only 6 of them would have made it to freedom. The other 54 slaves would have been returned to their masters or possibly killed.

The students and teachers would like to say thank you to all the chaperones who made the trip possible. They encouraged, supported, and played an important role in the evening activity that made the trip a memorable one for everyone.

Recomended Book List for Elementary Students

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