Unlucky Endings

Michelle Li

I didn't want to clean my room,

I didn't even have a broom!

I couldn't find my cowboy hat,

I couldn't even find my fat cat!

My room was a storm,

it had no form,

Tissues on the floor looked like a pile of snow,

and the trash bin was starting to overflow!

I knew that my room would take near a year to clean,

and my mean mom was getting frustrated!

but I was not at my best,

because I really wanted to rest!

I knew that my room would be fine,

for it would always be mine,

Nothing could make me clean my room,

not even a big pile of doom!

Then on one sunny summer day in May,

I heard a CRACK!

it sounded like my room was coughing,

and my poor floor started collapsing!

Everything was rotting,

Inside and out.

Turns out my room, was not everlasting...

I rushed to clean my room,

but it was already too late,

my room had already met it's fate.