Ready, Set, LEARN!


Our 2017-2018 Goals:

We have a lot of exciting things happening in our ELA Classroom this year! The 2017-18 motto at CCHS is "you have choices, and choices matter," and choice is a big part of your young adult's learning experience in my classroom. All students began the year by completing a survey, informing me of their interests, passions, and strengths, as well as intended areas of growth. The goal is to incorporate these aspects into the lessons in order to increase relevance and, thereby, engagement. In the same way, daily creative writing prompts will be geared towards engaging the interests of the students so they may find joy, comfort, and release through writing.

Additionally, students have been asked to bring a text of their choosing to class for Independent Reading and homework (detailed below); students are encouraged to read a text that fulfills their individual interests, meaning that our focus with this homework is not that they increase their learning in a subject chosen for them, but rather that they choose for themselves a subject or genre to pursue and increase their fluency, stamina, and enjoyment of reading.

What You Can Expect:

With high school comes increased responsibility and the Freshman Academy at CCHS aims to comfortably segue students into a more rigorous routine. For homework in this class, each student will be expected to complete a reading log documenting that s/he has read for at least 30 minutes at least 5 times a week; guardians will be required to sign off on their student's reading logs. Other homework will be the completion of (5) ReadTheory quizzes each week (many of these can be completed during school if classwork is finished early) and completion of any unfinished classwork or additional assignments.

In our first week together, students completed 6-word-memoirs reflective of their personalities and experiences.

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Questions about Donations?

It is my goal to put the right book into your child's hands, and the more books we have in our classroom library, the better my chances of success. We gratefully accept donations, no matter the books and no matter the condition. Additionally, many parents have inquired about classroom basics, like Clorox wipes, Kleenex, and hand-sanitizer; any and all donations are most welcome and appreciated! The students and I thank you!

Watch Your Child Succeed

I understand that your child's success is your success, so I want to help you to watch them grow, learn, and succeed! Please check out the CCHS ELA team website for updates on what we're learning and creating, as well as for links and tools used in our class. Don't miss a second of the journey!