Armada Middle School

April 2021 Newsletter

From the Desk of Principal, Todd Schafer:

With the snow hopefully behind us and the calendar turning to April, I’d like to take an opportunity to provide you with some information on what lies ahead in the coming weeks and months here at the middle school.

2021-2022 Scheduling

With student course request forms submitted, the scheduling process has begun for the 2021-2022 school year. The scheduling process takes place throughout the spring and summer months and typically comes to an end in early August. All students will receive their 2021-2022 schedules at Tiger Days which takes place in late August. More details on Tiger Days will be communicated throughout the spring. If you have any questions pertaining to the scheduling process please contact me at


We are moving forward with plans for spring testing, which begins with the 8th grade PSAT on Tuesday, April 13th. More testing details, including the student testing schedule, can be found within this newsletter.

Additional Notes and Reminders

Students are expected to exit the building in a timely manner after dismissal at the end of the day. If students are in the building after school hours for academics, athletic events, or meetings, they must be supervised by a staff member. A supervised study hall is available until 3:30 pm in room 140 for students awaiting rides, practices, etc.

On behalf of the Armada Middle School staff, I’d like to wish all of our families a safe and relaxing spring break!

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Spring Testing Update: PSAT & M-STEP

When students return from Spring Break, we will begin our spring testing for all AMS students. To start, 8th grade PSAT testing will begin on April 13th after Spring break, and will be followed by M-STEP testing.

The PSAT/M-STEP testing period will continue through the middle of May. Throughout our testing, all 6th and 7th grades will complete tests in English-Language Arts and Mathematics. 8th grade students will take the PSAT for Math and Language Arts with additional tests in M-STEP Social Studies and Science.

All M-STEP testing will take place in the core class it's associated with, i.e. M-STEP Math will be assessed during your student's Math class.

Our teachers have been discussing the PSAT & M-STEP format with their students. Students have also had the opportunity to complete and practice online tests with sample problems. We are confident that our students will be adequately prepared to be successful on the PSAT & M-STEP this year! We appreciate all the effort our staff has put into preparing our students for success.

During your student’s testing window, please be sure they are getting plenty of sleep and breakfast each morning. Surround your students with words of support and encourage them to do their very best!

Please take a look at the calendar and testing windows below. Again, please encourage your son or daughter to get adequate rest each night before they are testing and to eat a healthy breakfast.

8th Grade Testing Window

  • PSAT (ELA & Math) — April 13th
  • Social Studies
    • April 21st for A Block classes
    • April 26th for B Block classes
  • Science
    • April 22nd for A Block classes
    • April 27th for B Block classes

6th and 7th Grade Testing Window

  • ELA
    • May 3rd for B Block classes
    • May 10th for A Block classes
  • Math
    • May 6th for B Block classes
    • May 13th for A Block classes

Wishing you a pleasant spring break with friends and family.

March Students of the Month


Mrs. Husken

Bridging the Communication Gap

For some AMS students, facing responsibility is a daily challenge. If your child struggles academically and routinely states that they have no homework or that they did it all in class, please contact the teachers by phone or online through e-mail, and PowerSchool. If you need passwords and usernames for these programs please call the office and speak to one of the secretaries to help you get set-up. Communication between the instructors, the students and the parents makes a “can’t miss” team for academic success.

Adolescent Outreach

Another counseling program, Adolescent Outreach, is available through Macomb Family Services. It deals with students or family members with substance abuse and other family issues. Therapist Dorothy Yope would be available to confidentially see your child once a week during the school day for six weeks at no charge. If you wish for your child to participate in this confidential program, please call Mrs. Husken.

Drugs are Trash Bag Fundraiser

The orders have all been received and we are in the process of tallying to find out our winners! They will be announced in our next newsletter.

Please remember the pick-up date is Thursday, May 6th from 1 - 4p.m. in the community room.

2021-2022 Armada Pi-Gears Robotics Team Recruitment

Armada Middle School’s FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, the Armada Pi-Gears, is now recruiting current 6th and 7th grade students to be on the 2021-2022 team. We are a competitive robotics team who competes in several off-campus competitions against other teams from Michigan, the U.S, and around the world. The team consists of up to 15 members, made up of mostly 7th and 8th grade students. In the last 2 seasons, the team has won a total of 8 awards, competed at the state championships, and placed 2nd overall in the division.

Within the team, there are many areas for members to get involved in. There is opportunity to work with CAD and 3D printing, programming/coding, mechanical work, team media management/marketing, community involvement planning, and finance/fundraising. Each of these different roles is very important to the success and advancement of the team!

On the mechanical and programming sides, students plan, design, test, build, and compete with a robot in a game style format during the build season. The programming aspect works with the code that programs the different robot tasks and movements for both an autonomous mode, where all robot tasks are preprogrammed, and driver-controlled period, where students operate the robot using video game controls in a 4-team match.

Mechanically, students take their design ideas for each year’s game tasks and build a robot from scratch! They get to cut, drill, bolt, sand, file, work with motors, servos, sensors, gears, sprockets, belts, pulleys, and chain, all to create a working robot for each year’s game.

The CAD/3D design members work with designing important and unique game-specific parts for the robot, then create them using 3D printers for use in mechanical components of the robot.

The team uses media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, and our Weebly webpage to reach out. Our media/marketing handles these aspects of broadcasting the team’s message by taking pictures and video of the team’s work both on the robot side as well as on the outreach side then posting to our media outlets.

On the outreach side, students come up with ways in which they can interact with the community, schools, and their peers to spread the word about STEM, the team, and FIRST robotics.

A lot goes into being an FTC robotics team so take a few minutes to check out the team video! The video shows just some of what being on the robotics team is like. Visit the Middle School Facebook page or our team Facebook page (by searching “Team 14706”) to view the video.

If you think your student may be interested, they can apply by picking up an application in the middle school office or applying online (use QR code to get to application) starting April 12th through May 4th.

The most important thing to know about Robotics is, you learn by doing!

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