Weekly Peek

Mrs. Williams First Grade Class

October 14, 2016

Happy Friday!

There are several important items in your student's folder this week.

  • Progress reports went home today. Please sign it and send it back in their folder on Monday. If you would like a copy please send me a note and I will make you a copy and return it to you.
  • Their daily behavior sheet goes home each day, please make sure you are signing it each evening and returning it in their folder the next day.
  • On Friday's also please sign their conduct report which shows their conduct and effort grades for the week. This week you should sign in the rectangle labeled Week 1.
  • Students also brought home a special folder of their writing. This is for you to keep at home.

We have a lot of students who still do not know their student number. Please work on this at home. Students need to know this number to type in for the cafeteria and media center and is also their login for eCLASS. This number will stay with them through their years in GCPS.

Reading logs and homework: Please remember these items are due on Thursday each week. Each Friday on the morning announcements they announce the classes that have 100% participation and we want to hear our name.

There is eCLASS homework this week. You can link to it by clicking on the Homework button on my eCLASS page.

It is from Brainpopjr.com The log in information is:

User name: gwinoaks

Password: 0430

This information is listed on the Science tab of eclass as well.

Reading bags: Please make sure your student is reading each night and returning their reading bag the next day. We use these bags during the day so it makes it difficult when they are left at home.

Field Trip

A field trip has been planned for your child’s class to Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Foundation in Buford, GA. Students will participate in activities that correlate with our Science Academic Knowledge & Skills on light, sound, and living things. We will participate in this educational event on Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Please complete and electronically sign the permission form on www.mypaymentplus.com along with submit a contribution of $12.00 to cover the cost of transportation and admission fees.

It is necessary that the signed permission slip be completed online and money be paid online by Wednesday, October 25, 2016 so that your child may attend.

Technology Tidbits

Use the following link to view our Ben Franklin projects that we created using the Thinglink app. This is a great app that students can use at home. https://padlet.com/mimms/rkh3gcd0q9z1

BYOD devices are welcome every day at school. We are using them for independent reading time. Please make sure your student knows how to access downloaded books or log on to the eclass portal. We cannot download any books at school. Students also use them during math centers so math learning games are good to be downloaded and used during this time.

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Class Dojo

Students earn 2 positive points when they are exhibiting good learning habits. We are beginning the second nine weeks and expectations for behavior will increase. They should receive at least 12 a day to be an E student in conduct.

Students should all be earning the following each day:

* morning work - on task

* reading - on task

* writing- on task

* math - on task

Students should earn this at least twice a day:

* stand/walks in line correctly

If students are not on task or not completing work they will not receive points for that learning time.

These are all extras for those students I see going above and beyond

* listens and follows directions

* controls talking

* works/plays well in a group

* shows good manners

* respects others

* exhibits a positive attitude

Students can loose point too and they loose 1 point for each action shown. If students receive several warnings, are causing a disruption to learning or are not completing work during learning time, they will loose points.

At the end of the day your student's folder will show a number of points which is their positive points minus their negative points.

Curriculum Corner

In reading, we read some Little House on the Prairie stories and discussed the Beginning, Middle and End of each story. Next week we will begin reading Charlotte's Web together.

In word work, we learned about the -in word family, worked with our spelling/word wall words for the week, and continued to practice in our handwriting book.

In writing, students began learning about How To writing. We learned about transitional words and they are beginning to share how to's on things in which they are experts. We also used pictures to write about How To Make a Banana Split.

In math, we have begun our unit on measurement. We talked about nonstandard units of measurement and how to measure using them. We read Measuring Penny and made our own Penny and measured with unifix cubes. At home talk about measurement and compare items. Use statements such as longer than, shorter than, same as.

In science, we are starting our unit on plants.

In social studies, we continued to learn new things about Benjamin Franklin.


Homework comes home on Friday's and is due the following Thursday. Please do not take the packet apart and make sure they complete all items before turning in the homework. For word work, they can use an additional piece of paper or write on the back of one of the papers in the packet. Please make sure their names are on the front of the packet.

I will take homework of their folder on Thursday, however if your student finishes early, they are welcome to take it out and turn it in.

Students should be reading 20 minutes per night. The reading log is to be filled out for 5 nights of reading between Friday night and the following Wednesday night. It is also due on Thursday. They announce each week the classes that have 100% of their students turn in their reading logs and we want to be on that list!

Specials for the Upcoming Week







10-28: BINGO night

School News

Paper pumpkins can be purchased for our classroom door for $.50 a piece. Proceeds go to the United Way. The top three classes win great prizes!

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