Slaves And Indentured Servants

By: Miranda Kline


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a slave or indentured servant? Well keep reading and take a trip into the past. First, Turner Nat who was a African American who led the most famous slave revolt in in united states history! Next, Indentured servants who were people like slaves but but had to work for a period of time in exchange for a passage to America. Lastly, Slaves were hard workers who were traded for money. Now get ready to learn about Turner Nat, Indentured Servants, and Slaves!

Turner Nat

Turner Nat led the most famous slave revolt in United States history! Turner was born on October 2nd, 1800, on Benjamin Turners Plantation in Southampton Country Virginia. His parents and grandmother encouraged him to become educated and fight slavery! He lived through 1800 and died in 1831. Joseph Travis was Turner's owner in slavery. Turner was an African American slave and preacher. Turner Nat led the most famous Slave Revolt in United States history! More whites died during the rebellion led by Turner than any other slave revolt in the nations history. The state quickly arrested and executed 57 African American's for being part Turners rebellion. Turner hid for two months before he was found sentenced to death, and hung in 1831 at the age of 31. Turner Nat tried so hard to free slaves but killed so many including him.

Indentured Servants

Indentured Servants were people who worked for a certain amount of years in exchange for a passage to America. In the American Colonies Indenturing Servants was very popular! Indenturing Servants started in the 1600's to provide cheap labor for the colonies. Most Indentured Servants were young men between 15 through 25 years of age looking for job's, and a better life. Indenturing Servants ended in the early 1800's. Indentured Servants were poor people who worked for something so different from Slaves but so alike.


Slaves were hard working African Americans who were traded back and fourth for money. No Slave children were allowed to go to school, that is why most slaves could not read or write. After age 10 slaves got shipped away to work! Every Sunday Slaves would would get food from the plantation owner. You got the same thing every week bacon, cornmeal, and molasses. Every winter once a year all slaves would get new clothes. All slaves would have to get permission from their owner to marry. Wow slaves were hard working people who did so much for so little.


Slaves and Indentured Servants were people who just wanted to be freed! First, Turner Nat was a man who tried to do something he thought would help people but killed people. Next, Indentured Servants were people who worked hard to be freed. Lastly, Slaves were poor people who worked day and night for nothing. Slavery and Indenturing Servants was wrong and unfair.


* molasses A thick, brown, sweet liquid that is mad from raw sugar.

* plantation A large area of land especially
in a hot part of the world where are grown.

* rebellion An effort by many people to change the government or a leader of a country by the use of protest.


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