By Sarah Hannaford and Sami Mednikoff


Inhalants are a broad range of drugs who's volatile vapors are taken in via the nose and trachea. It's chemical makeup can consist of amyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite.


Schedule II Drug

Slang Terms and Street Names

Poppers, whippets, laughing gas, snippets, Texas Shoeshine, glue, kick, bang, sniff, huff

Ways To Ingest The Drug

Through the trachea and nose.

Similar Drugs with the Same Effect

Alcohol (similar intoxication), marijuana (gives you hallucinations), LSD (also gives hallucinations)

Medicinal Use of the Drug

1. Administer drugs straight to the lungs (ex. for asthma)

2. Administer antibiotics (ex. for bronchitis)


Psychological Effects on Brain:

-Depression, brain damage (may have trouble solving problems or planning ahead), hallucinations, head rush, kills brain cells, cause you to have violent behaviors

Physiological Effects on Rest of Body:

-Slurred speech, drunk, dizzy, or dazed appearance, unusual breath odor, chemical smell on clothing, paint stains on body or face, red eyes, runny nose

Duration of Effects:

-Inhalants produce a rapid high. The chemicals found in solvents, aerosol sprays, and gases can produce a variety of additional effects during or shortly after use.



You could feel like you need the drug to perform everyday activities. Because inhalants are so easy to get, you could use your own home remedies, which might make you feel like you are easily attached to the drug.


Without the drug, you could feel jittery, shaky, unfocused, tired.

Myth About Drug

MYTH: “Huffing” can only hurt me after a long period of usage.

FACT: A user can experience Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome and die after the first, tenth, or one-hundredth time he or she uses an inhalant. However, long term using can cause damage to the heart, kidney, brain, liver, bone marrow, central nervous system or other organs.


593, 000 teens aged 12-17 had used inhalants for the first time in the year before taking the US survey on drugs.

22.9 million Americans have experimented with inhalants.

33, 800 emergency room visits and 450 hospitalizations a year due to inhalant poisonings.


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