Passing The Apple

Lebanon Teacher Academy

Google Drive - By: Hanna Ledford

Students received Samsung Google Chromebooks on the second day of the Teacher Academy, here at Lebanon High School. These laptops have no internal memory, so everything is stored on the Cloud - this is called the Google Drive. Google Drive has a lot of functions from creating everything from documents to presentations. Students can then share their projects with fellow students or Miss Snider via Google Drive. Each student has their own account which can be accessed from any computer, not just their Chromebook. This makes it convenient for students to work on homework and projects even if they would happen to leave their Chromebook at school or at home. Students can create folders within their drive to keep their documents and other projects organized. Changes made to the projects save immediately, so nothing will ever be lost. This eliminates students accidentally deleting their work or an unexpected computer crash that causes any unsaved work to not be saved. Google Drive is very user friendly and will make school work and the paperwork associated with Teacher Academy much easier to keep track of as well as easier to transport. Also, with the documents and projects, students can work collaboratively and simultaneously (this is how we do this Newsletter). Students have spent the first week and a half of school learning to use their Chromebooks and have experimented quite a bit with the Google Drive.

Student Spotlight - By: Taylor Grewe

This is one of the fantastic students who are part of the Teacher Academy. Her name is Chelsea Payne. She would love to become a 4th grade special education teacher. She is undecided on which college she would like to go to, but she definitely wants to go somewhere local. Her dream is to own a hedgehog named Phenix. Her best friend is Ryan Butts. Her favorite food is ice-cream (anything with sprinkles). Her favorite color is purple. Fun fact: she has two tongues. She works at LaRosa’s as a server. She is looking forward to prom, graduation, and Teacher Academy graduation.

Internships - By: Lauren Hudgel

Students will have four internships in different schools and grades throughout the school year. The first internship will start September 24th. The students will be able to choose any grade K-3. The second internship will begin November 19th. The students will pick any grade 4-8 during the second internship. During the third internship will be starting in February and the students pick a grade from 9-12 to intern. Lastly, the fourth internship will begin in April where the students can choose any grade they want or return to a classroom they have visited before. Each of the internships will be about a month long and will be 2 hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Dress Code - By: Kristina Butcher

We have learned what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear as a teacher and to internships. Acceptable would be dress pants, long dresses, blouses, blazers, suits, dress shoes, sweaters, ties, and vests. Also, on some Friday’s there is jeans Friday in which teachers can wear jeans and it be acceptable. What is not acceptable would be long jewelry, crazy make-up, flip flops, yoga pants, no shorts, no chains, nothing that wouldn't be professional. It is important to dress appropriate so you don't distract students, and so you’ll look professional, and ready to teach.

FEA -By: Emily Eick

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: Started in the 1930’s, a group of teachers came together and wanted to inspire others to become teachers. FEA stands for Future Educators Association. Your child will be missing school on Friday, March 7th, the state conference; they will be having fun competing and learning new and exciting things with others with the same interests in Findlay, OH. Then hopefully on Friday, April 11th through the 13th we will be taking a trip to Minnesota for Nationals, most of us are excited and cannot wait until then. Some events include: Chalk Walk and Read for Record. For more information visit

Calendar - By: Katie Ledford

Upcoming events for September and October

1. Starting Internships for grades K-4 on September 25 and go through the 26. In October we will be interning for the first 4 weeks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

This includes October 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 17, 23, 24.

2. September 26, we will be going to Wright State, for a Disabilities Workshop.

In the workshop the students will learn how to better teach students that have disabilities.

3. On October 3, in our intern sites we will be doing a lesson the book, Otis.

The Teacher Academy students will be teaching Otis for Read for the Record. Read for the Record is where millions of students and teachers come together and promote Early Childhood Education. Last year, Read for the Record gave 1.2 million books to students living in low income communities. The Teacher Academy students will be reading the book to the students, and creating a lesson plan including an activity about Otis.

4. Please note that October 16, we do not intern. We will be attending the Ann Anzalone Workshop.

We will learn how to use our left brains and our right brains better and to teach the student how to utilize their brains more.

Lumosity - By: Janelle Grengs

If you have ever heard of Lumosity, you know that it is a fun way to “train your brain.” Lumosity is a website that you can use by creating an account and then you can play a series of games that just seem like games, but they actually use parts of your brain that aren't always being used, helping to improve your brain function. In Teacher Academy, we use Lumosity to “train our brains,”and when we complete the games we get extra credit! It’s a very fun way to learn.

Moodle - By: Ty Smith

Moodle is a site used by the Warren County Career Center to connect students with their teachers in a easy way, similar to edline. It allows teachers to post connections for other websites, such as the online textbook. Also, it allows students to send homework and classwork directly to the teacher. Thus Moodle eliminates some of the need for paper and is an easier method of collecting, and storing assignments. We used Moodle to access the Teaching textbook, and to send some of our class work such as the results of the personality test.

In the News- By: Maddi Brown

This week we found recent news articles about things happening in education to present in the class. One of the most controversial articles that we talked about was one about a program called A.L.I.C.E.. A.L.I.C.E. is a way to deal with intruders at schools. It stands for alert, lock down, inform, counter, escape. It teaches the teachers to fight back intruders so the police have more time to respond, even students can be included. Although, this was not a very fun topic to discuss it was very important because we all need to be informed and prepared for anything that could happen.

About Miss Snider- By: Trey Morgan

Who is Miss Snider? The question of Lebanon Warriors here at Lebanon High. Is she just a new teacher from the Career Center or just simply a new face? This all about her. For Miss Snider the faces that influence her teaching today include Mrs.Brock, Mr. Batty, and Mr. McCarty, her junior high and high school teachers. Miss Snider was also active in high school sports and clubs and continues as a softball and volleyball player. The thought of being a teacher was always on her mind. Starting her education career she was the first class, among other seniors, of Teacher Academy at the Warren County Career Center in 2002; with the second year of the program at the whole state it would be a starting clear path of all the places that Snider will go. English was the prime subject of her studies. The reason being “I was never good at English class, and I wanted to teach it to make it more fun for the students,” Snider explained. Started out as loving and having a close connection with God in junior high, with her grandmother as a strong religious member in the family, by chance her pastor just happened to be her neighbor when she was growing up. She was curious about traveling and learning other cultures, with her mission trips to Spanish speaking countries, promoting her secondary subject of choice was teaching Spanish. Thus influencing her methods of teaching. Currently an Ordained Minister, she attends Freedom Worship Center in Franklin, Ohio.

Resume - By: Chelsea Payne

The other day in our class we took the time to learn about resumes. We learned that our resumes need to be professional and also highlight our skills, abilities, and our successes. Every student created one of his or her own and had to turn them in. We will be giving them to each of our Mentor Teachers we work with this year so that way they can get a good look at who we are. Also, a copy will be in our portfolio. Each student will be updating them all year long with their progress and gain experience throughout the year.