School Symmetry!

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Rotational Symmetry :)

Rotational symmetry is a great way to represent symmetry, it is simply how much a shape looks the same if it spins for 360 degrees. Everything has order 1 because everything always looks the same when it is where it begun if it looks the same in any other place then it is not order 1 it is obviously more. but if we look at a slide for example you would probably say its order 2 however actually its order 2 for this particular slide because of the scratches and for a square it would be 4 but if you add a dot in any inside angle it changes the order of it completely and its very weird since the circle has infinite lines of symmmetry

Line Symmetry

Line symmetry is when you can fold something over and its exactly the same length so a square has 4 lines of symmetry however a rectangle has only 2 lines of symmetry but what is really significant is that a circle has infinite lines of symmetry exactly like rotational symmetry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

People may ask if rectangles have diagonal lines of symmetry however actually they only have vertical and horizontal

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