DMS Weekly Opportunities

January 11, 2016

This Week: Jeans and Career Day

Good Morning! We had a smooth transition back into the new semester. That is entirely due to all of you! Thank you for coming back with energy and enthusiasm for what you do!

This week we have our Annual 8th Grade Career Day on Friday. This is a fun and special event for our students. We have over 50 speakers volunteering their time and this is a huge undertaking to do well! Kudos to Dr. Parker for leading her committee and for all the support Ms. Johnson and the PTO have given to pull this off. Part of setting this day a part is that our 8th graders "dress professionally" and as staff members we join them. Since Friday is our regular jeans Spirit Day, we will move that to this Thursday. Dr. Parker is inviting us to wear College Shirts again to set the tone for Career Day! Thank you for dressing professionally on Friday to support Career Day and to make a good impression for all of our visitors.

Stand Up - Hand Up - Pair Up / Discussion Support to Try!

This discussion Support is a great one to try with your students and easy to implement. Here is how it works:

  1. Teacher says, when I say go, you will "stand up, hand up and pair up". Teacher pauses and then says, "GO."
  2. Students stand up and keep one hand up in the air until they find a partner. Students do a high five and put their hand down.
  3. Teacher may ask a question or give an assignment, and provides think time.
  4. Partners interact.

Morning Announcements

First Period Teachers - Please make sure you are watching the announcements every day that we have a link. That is our one way to communicate with students. If you do not turn them on they your students miss out on valuable information and announcements concerning upcoming events.

Events This Week:

  • Wednesday both boys teams have a home BB game against FCMS.
  • Thursday is jeans day.
  • Friday is Career Day (Dress Professionally)
  • Friday is a Homework Blackout Day!
  • Monday is a Holiday! Woohoo!