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A 14 year old eight grader at a texas school is very angry.She is a straight A student by the name of Martha who earned the schools scholarships jacket.Martha over heard a conversation ;she heard that Mr.Boone wanted to give joann the jacket because her father owned the only store.Mr.Schmidt wanted Martha to have the jacket because she earned it.The principle called martha into the office to tell her that she would then have to pay $15.00 for Martha to have the jacket(It was suppose to be free).Martha asked her grandfather for the money and he said "What does a scholarship jacket mean"?.Martha answered the question then thought and knew what her grandfather meant.

Scholarship Jacket for straight A students


Boxing Tournament

Back in a fight after the biggest fight in the world Amigo brother V.S Amigo brother, they were back in the ring but this time not against each other in a WORLD KNOCK-OUT TOURNAMENT.The age limit was 16-20 for anybody thats wants to come.In manhattan was a championship, and mini games the day before.The days where short only two days;a whole weekend of fighting.During the first fight with Antonio (the most excited one) he upper cut John which was excited because John had never got hit before . This match went to 8 rounds when Antonio cut in with a right jab in the gut. The first match with Felix was short only 3 rounds Felix won against Sherman. Felix won with a knock out with the left hand. Both Felix and Antonio made the fights look easy. They both made it to the Championship to go against each other but Felix ready to fight was scared a little to fight Antonio again so he faked a fight and let Antonio win. They both spilt the prize of a trophy and money of $250.

Boxing Gloves standing for boxing

Celebration Of The Life Of ABUELO ARTURO

Abuelo Arturo was born in Puerto, Rico . He had 6 brothers and 2 of which died in the war. Abuelo Arturo was a teacher to the village kids until he was drafted to the war. After the war Arturo married and became a farmer.

Abuelo Arturo died in Brooklyn, New York at a nursing home . He leaves to cherish in his memories , a number of children and many grandchildren.

Reading of scriptures

Old Testament Minister Henry Juarez

New Testament Minister Henry Juarez

Prayer Juan Hernandez

Recessional Prominence Funeral Home

Thank you to all families and friends

In Memory of our Beloved Abuelo Arturo

New York Police Department

Incident type: Robbing a bank

Date: Friday , December 8 , !875

Location: wells Fargo (200 N Main ST. High Point , NC)

Times: 10:00pm/ 1000hrs

Investigator: Officer Kristy smith

Detective: Smitch

Deputy: d/s kris Thorne

Suspect: Jimmy wells

Victim: Henry Wells and William Fargo

Evidence: Officer James saw Jimmy Wells

Scene description: city- area

Friday, December 8, 1875

At 1000 hours on Friday December 8, 1875 I was notified by Officer James and det. Smitch that a bank robbery occurred at the location above . I went to the scene and saw CSI Lorraine Fant , Donna cross ,and det. Cameron Miller at 1200 hours.

Robber robbing a bank

Dear M'am

Dear M'am

My name is Roger . A while ago I tried to rob you because I was In need of help. Although I was unsuccessful; yet you took me in. You invited me, a complete stranger into your home. M'am you cleaned me up and gave me the money I needed anyway. You changed my life that day. How can I ever repay you?



Dear Roger,

Your letter was heart warming and so sincere. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It not only changed your life it also changed mine. I have often thought what had come of you over the years. I felt as if I should have done more. Roger you were my blessing as much as I was yours. your letter was a gift and all I needed. Thank you Roger for never giving up!

Take care,