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A weekly newsletter for BIS families 3.7.22


Please remember we have traffic patterns established at BIS and BMS. Oak street is ONLY used as an entrance during morning drop of. All traffic should enter the campuses from Oak street and drop of either in front of BMS or at the cafeteria doors and continue around the back of the building, exiting the campus between the intermediate parking lot and the competition gym. Please help us stay committed to these traffic patterns for the safety of all of our Yellowjackets. Thank you!
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Hello Yellowjacket Families!

Enclosed you will find information needed to help you navigate BIS. Please make yourself familiar with each week's newsletter. This will be our main source of distributing information for the campus. Our BIS Facebook page will be used for sharing the great things happening at BIS as well as quick updates and reminders. Our campus website is a great resource for information as well (

We ask that if you have questions, please call our front office or email a staff member; we will not be responding via Facebook Messenger. We will always make it our goal to give you timely feedback.

Mrs. Luig, BIS Principal,

Larry Owens, BIS/BMS Counselor,

Jackie Wilson, BIS Secretary

Connie Brooks, BIS Nurse

Thank you,

BIS Administration

Events for the Week of March 7th

Students always need a charged device for school, please help them remember this each day.

Monday, March 7th

Student Parent Conferences happening this week

Bullying Committee Meeting 5:30

Tuesday, March 8th

Noah Adcock will be traveling to TCU πŸ’œ to compete in the Regional Spelling Bee!

Lego Club, pick up @ 4:30

Wednesday, March 9th

Chess Club, pick up at 4:30

Thursday, March 10th

College Spirit Day

Friday, March 11th

Boyd Spirit Day!!

BHS Band Performance for BIS at 8:00am

Coming Soon....

March 14th - 18th Spring Break

March 21st - 25th Spring Book Fair

March 22nd 5th Grade Wax Museum

March 22nd Book Fair Evening Hours

April 15 & 18 Student and Staff Holiday

April 19th Spring Pictures

May 10th 4th - 6th Math STAAR

May 11th 4th - 6th Reading STAAR

May 12th 5th Science STAAR

May 25th BIS Field Day (Tentatively)

Updated Health Procedures....

I hope this news finds you well. Please see the following updated health procedures. If your student(s) will be out, please call our front office, 940-433-9540, and let us know. Thank you!
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πŸ’ŠπŸ˜· Important News from our Nurse πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

BIS Families,

As a reminder, ALL students who are leaving due to illness must be evaluated by the campus nurse first. Even in those times when students communicate directly to their parents through text or phone call. They will be directed to the nurse prior to leaving. We do this so that we can closely monitor students' signs and symptoms to determine when they can safely return to school. Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to keep Yellowjackets healthy and keep germs from spreading!

Don't Be Tardy for the Party....

Please make yourself familiar with our tardy policy. If a student is late, the student's 3rd tardy of the 6 weeks will results in a warning. The 4th tardy, and any thereafter, will result in a detention. Let's make it our goal to be on time!
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Need to Email a BIS Staff Member?

Please find staff email addresses here.


Find these menus on our campus website.

SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS....Would you like to volunteer with our BIS students and staff?

We would love to have volunteers on campus this year. If you are not employed by BISD, but you would like to visit the campus. Please find our volunteer info here.

Resources for Bullying

What is the legal definition of bullying?

Bullying intentional act that causes harm to others, and may involve verbal harassment, verbal or non-verbal threats, physical assault, stalking, or other methods of coercion such as manipulation, blackmail, or extortion. It is aggressive behavior that intends to hurt, threaten or frighten another person. An imbalance of power between the aggressor and the victim is often involved. Bullying occurs in a variety of contexts, such as schools, workplaces, political or military settings, and others.

Bullying includes 3 key elements:

  • unwanted aggressive behavior

  • observed or perceived power imbalance

  • repetition or high likelihood of repetition of bullying behaviors

Need to report bullying?

Please reach out to your child's teacher, our campus administration, or click here.

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David's Law

What is David's Law?
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Check In with Nurse Brooks and BISD Health Services

Register your child today by clicking here.

Parents, please be sure to call the school and let us know when your child is going to be out due to illness. We are tracking illnesses such as flu, Strep, Covid and other communicable diseases in order to help keep our students as healthy as possible. We appreciate your partnership in this mission.

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Traffic Flow

Parents, please remember that our morning and afternoon traffic patterns include specific drop off and pick up entrances and exits. Please review these routes to be sure you are not entering through an exit, we do not want any accidents happening. Thank you!

Title 1 Parent Information 2021-2022

Boyd Elementary School and Boyd Intermediate Schools are School-Wide Title I campuses. Title I is a federally funded program to help children get a quality education and meet academic standards. Due to COVID-19, information shared in the annual Title I Parent/Family Meeting will be disseminated via the campus email newsletter and Boyd ISD website posting.

Title I, Part A Schoolwide Program Purpose and Intent
The purpose and intent of the Title I, Part A Program is to provide opportunities for children served to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the challenging state content standards [Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)] and to meet the challenging state performance standards developed for the children of Texas.
Title I, Part A provides supplemental resources to help schools with high concentrations of students from low-income families provide high-quality education which will enable all children to meet the state student performance standards.
The Title I, Part A funds received by the district are used to upgrade and enhance instructional programs for all children on these campuses and are consolidated on the schoolwide campus.
Funds may be reserved at the district level for the following activities:

*Parent Involvement Activities if entitlement is over $500,000
*Private Schools – if participating
*Preschool Programs
*Administration of the program
*Districtwide Professional Development Activities
*Homeless students if not attending a Title I campus-must reserve
*Neglected/Delinquent Facilities
*Foster Care Transportation
*Other: technical assistance for TIA programs, summer programs

Title I Program coordinates with other programs in the district:

*Title II, Part A
*Title IC- Migrant
*Title III, Part A- Limited English Proficiency
*Title III, Part A - Immigrant
*Title IV, Part A
*Title V, Part A or USDE SRSA
*Other State and Local programs

*Programs that support students in passing the required State Assessments

The Title I, Part A Program is a federal program under ESEA Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that is monitored by TEA during the year.

*Student performance in Math, English Language Arts and Participation on State Developed Assessments as well as student Graduation/Attendance Rates.
*Have any campuses been identified as a Comprehensive or IR campus?
*Equity Reports noting certifications and experience
*Student Performance Objectives to address goals

Parent/Family Engagement

Parents/Families are to be involved in the Title I, Part A Program through…
*Development/Review of current Policy
*Fall Review/Implementation of Policy
*Copy of Policy available during the meeting
*Activities for the parents in order to better prepare their child in their education (calendar of activities, information on how to help their children at home, newsletters, etc.)
*Development/review/evaluation of the Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Policy for LEA and campus as well as School-Parent Compacts for the campus.

*Title IA Meeting – Review documents

*Spring SBDM – Evaluate and Approve for the next year
*Being informed on the level of achievement of their child
*Parent-Teacher Conferences for all elementary (PK-5) and any secondary student (6-12) who failed any portion of the required state assessments.
*Assisting teachers, pupil services personnel, principals and other in the value and utility of contributions of parents.

For more information…

*Contact your child’s classroom teacher
*Contact your campus principal
*Search the following websites:
ESSA ESEA/Resources