South vs. North

The geography, society, economy, and transportation of each.


MaKrae R. Period 6


North- In the North there climate veriest from season to season, in the summers its hot and humid but in the winter its freezing cold. If you go to the North you will find thick forests of spruce and fir trees that are well nourished from the rich, fertile soil. There will be hundreds of bays and inlets for you to visit, if its not to cold out.

South- In the South there climate we limited they had long hot summers and very mind winters. Because of their plentiful rain and long growing seasons, they had over 300 miles of fertile lowlands and plains dotted with swamps and marshes.They also had many thick pine forests and plantations.


North- The society in the north was not full of very wealthy or powerful people, about 70% of them still lived on farms but they were slowly moving to towns and cities. Even though nearly all of the largest cities in America at the time were up North. Around four million people immigrated from other countries mostly Ireland and Germany.

South- In the South there were many rich white men. One fourth of the wealthy had slaves, but not all slave owners were wealthy. Many people had slaves but there were a small majority of African Americans who were freed.


North- In the North they were just in the beginings of the Industrial Revolution. They created the assembile line with mostly "Lowell Girls" working foe 12 to 15 hours! Many people were fisher men, lumberjacks, or farmers. The farmers mostly farmed corn and wheat.

South- In the South they had plantations full of different crops but the main crop was cotton.They also had cotton gins for seperating the cotton from dirt and other unwanted things in the cotton. To work all of the farm land they had they baught and sold slaves.


North- In the North Congress created a National Railroad across the Alps. They also created cannals to make shipping easier and quicker. In the North John Calhoun created internal improvements in many things.

South- In the South slow currents and channels made water travel easy and cheep, thats why they moved goods and pople along them on steam boats. The cotton boom made New Orleans one of the Souths few big cities. There were arround 10,000 moles of railroads.