The Life Of Socrates

And His Conflicts

Basic Information

Socrates was born in 470 B.C. Ever since that day, he experienced many conflicts. He was executed in 399 B.C, however, he coped with the punishment and that was his doom.
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Socrates' Wisdom

Socrates was a wise man. The Delphic Oracle, in which people went to for advice, communicated it's knowledge in odd phrases. However, when asked whether there was a man wiser than Socrates, the Oracle simply stated that there was no other. This started to spark conflict along the people. People began to disagree. They were enraged. This macro-conflict was negative for Socrates.

After The Oracle

Hearing this announcement, Socrates himself was disturbed. He acknowledged his ignorance, tending to question other's knowledge. This micro-conflict was negative to Socrates.

Socratic Method

Socrates only agreed with few, but he still questioned this handful of people. He soon formed a process of question and answer, in which is associated with his name. It is called the Socratic method. He was said to 'Corrupt the youth' with this method and his knowledge, leading him closer to his execution. This macro-conflict was negative to the youth of the time.

Socrates' Family

The occupation of Socrates' father was unknown, but he was thought to be a stone cutter. His mother greatly influenced his ways with her own knowledge. Before he began to teach, he was a hoplite. A hoplite is a heavily armed foot solider. He was born in the Greek city-state of Athens. He was later married and had several sons. Rumor says Socrates called his wife a 'shrew'. This micro-conflict was negative to Socrates' wife, Xanthippe.
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Socrates' Death

In 399 B.C, Socrates was brought on trial for disrespecting religious traditions and 'corrupting the youth'. The punishment was death. He had to drink hemlock within 24 hours. He did it. That day, he died. This was a negative micro-conflict for Socrates.

Socrates' Legacy

People were upset by the fact Socrates never put his knowledge into writing. Despite his ugliness, people adored Socrates. He didn't leave anything behind, nothing but raw knowledge. This caused some of his famous words to be forgotten, never getting to the 21st century, or even 200 B.C. This was a negative macro-conflict for the people.

Socrates' Animal

I personally think Socrates would be a shark. He shared his knowledge despite what people thought, throwing his relationships away. Though he was rebelled against, he continued to spread his knowledge. Knowing that he could be put on trial, he still continued to share.
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Socrates went through many conflicts throughout his life. He was said to 'corrupt the youth' with his wisdom. When asked who was the wisest man, the Delphic Oracle would simply respond with "There is no man wiser". Sharing his knowledge was his doom. He was put on trial. His punishment was execution. That day, Socrates drank the hemlock, ending his days of wisdom.



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