Nymphs and Naiads

By: Kristen Reynolds and Megan Fry

What is a Nymph?

A nymph is a spirit of nature, and they are responsible for keeping the world beautiful. They are always female, and they inhabit rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water. Some Nymphs can inhabit trees and other types of plants as well. Some Nymphs are daughters of Poseidon, and some were born by Oceanus and Tethys.

What is a Naiad?

Naiads are fresh water nymphs. Naiads also inhabit rivers, streams, and other large bodies of water. Naiads also have to be female, and just like Nymphs they are responsible for keeping the world beautiful. Naiads were born from a variety of people: Zeus, Poseidon, river gods, and Titan.

Nymphs and Naiads could be connected to Demeter (Goddess of Agriculture) because Demeter helped the world be beautiful by growing the plants and grass etc, and so did the Nymphs and Naiads by making their pond or area beautiful.

Nymphs and Naiads are important because they enhanced areas of our world. Including rivers, seas, trees, and woods. They are forces of nature protecting their area and keeping it beautiful and livable.

Narcissus and Echo

Narcissus was a handsome young man who only loved himself, and he believed that he was the only one worth living. One day Narcissus came along and Echo (a tree nymph) saw him and hid from him. Suddenly Echo made a noise and Narcissus asked if anyone was there and she said yes and he said to come out. So she spread her arms and ran towards him to embrace him, but he became very offended and angry, so he left her. The nymph was very depressed and hid herself in her tree to fossilize.

What are the Nymphs and Naiads known for?

The Nymphs and Naiads can be sometimes know of lovers of gods or men because aside from their normal task of watching over bodies of water etc. they can easily hypnotise men. Men would fall into a "trap" because all of the nymphs and naiads were very beautiful and they all wanted love so the men gave them love, therefore making them known as lovers of gods or men.


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