Welcome to the team!

We are so excited that you joined us!


I am so excited that you are now an official Independent Designer with Origami Owl!

Over the next few weeks I will be sending you some emails to help you on your journey to becoming an amazing designer! These emails will have links and tips to get you started. As your mentor, please feel free to get with me on ANY questions you may have. I f you are not already a part of our Team Facebook Page please join us there. We share some amazing information for you to grow as a designer.

While you are waiting for your kit to arrive, make sure you sign up on O2 Loop (www.O2Loop.com). O2 Loop is like Facebook but only for Origami Owl Designers and staff. On there you can post for fellow Owls to see and also get questions answered by staff at the Nest. See below e-mail signature for more info about the Loop.

Another important thing to check out is your back office. This links to a tutorial for you to check out on learning how to set up your back office.

Your upline consists of me (your mentor), Kristina Marthaler, Rochelle Britton, and Kristine Stevens.

I look forward to working together!

-Erin Maulucci
Team Leader

More info on O2 Loop

Here is a tutorial for you to sign up for O2 Loop:

Tip: add to your profile later (not as you sign up) as you may get timed out and have to start over.

Once you are there, make sure you upload a picture by going to the Profile tab and selecting “Change Profile Picture.” It’s always nice to see a face!

Now you can also take the time to update your profile information by going back to the Profile tab and selecting “Edit Profile.” Note that you can change who sees each piece of information by clicking on the lock and selecting it’s visibility to others.

Once you have completed those tasks it’s time to join some groups so that you can have a better O2 Loop experience. You can do this by clicking on the Groups tab. Once there, you will see a pink text navigation bar just under “MY GROUP UPDATES.” Click on the Search tab to help narrow down the groups. You can also scroll through all the groups by clicking on the “All Groups” link. Here are some recommended ones to join:

Whootie Whoots (upline)

Shining Jewels (upline)
o2Loop – How it Works (corporate)
Designer’s Forum (corporate)
O2 University Group (corporate)

Tip: when reading the discussions in groups, note that once you read the question, scroll to the bottom and read them up to read in order.