Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

Jacob is a 8 year old boy who goes to the concentration camp Auschwitz with his aunt Hannah. She finds a married couple with two kids willing to take him in. So he can survive. They treat him like he is there own. With Jacob living at there house he can live without hunger and sufffering

An explanation of the quote below

Jacob keep hiding under the sink as Anne Frank hid in the Annex behind th bookshelf.

"Once again he was in hiding, But this time it wasn't a game of pleasure-it was a game of survival. Pg. 26


The Nazis seperated the Jewish population from everyone else. They believed that Jews were the reason for the problems in the world. So Hitler wanted to get rid of them.They stolen property and businesses. The Nazi party promised non-Jewish people that they would have them when the Jews were gone. The Jews were forced to move into ghettos. The Germans were telling lies about how the death camps were farms and/or factories.


~ Alex got a sunlamp for Jacob.

~ Alex digged a hole under the sink for Jacob to hide in when visitors come to the house. So they don't see that Alex and Mela are hiding a Jewosh boy.

~ They took Jacob & his brother in from the ghettos to there house so they can survive.

Alex rised his life and his families to help Jacob survive and be safe.

My thoughts about the book

I think it was important to have read a book like this because its important to learn about the holocaust and WWII. It's also important to learn about Jewish history and the people who survived it.