May doTERRA News

Natural healthcare alternatives through essential oils

May has been so beautiful so far! Great weather and all the blooms and fresh cut grass..... love it!

May also brings some great incentives from doTERRA, from the product of the month, to all the new product, and enrollment incentives, it is a great time to grow with doTERRA. Also, if you order on loyalty rewards, you can add certain product at a greatly reduced price with the life long vitality. Last month I added the deep blue polyphenol which I wanted to try for joints and soreness and needless to say, it has added a little bounce to my step. YAY!!

This months incentives

Doterra offers great incentives every month...... May is a great month as always. Look below to see what is going on for May.
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Mother's day!

What a great idea for a Mother's day gift!!! Ylang-Ylang is amazing!! You can order while shopping under special offers and while supplies last. The scarf comes w/ a 5ml bottle of ylang-ylang.
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Healing hands is helping the people in Nepal!!! You can too.
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doTERRA new product.

These were added last month. Give some a try today.
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As the weather gets warmer and the bugs get to be more of a nuisance ........

How to use terra shield

Terra shield is a great doTERRA all natural insect repellant that will help repel mosquitos, biting flies, ticks, etc. All you have to do is mix in a small spray bottle with water or fractionated coconut oil and spray on animals, people or objects.
dōTERRA - TerraShield Natural Insect Repellent

Todd and Laura

We are here to help you start on your natural healthcare journey. Please contact us through this number or site today. Lots of information this month..... let me know how I can help.

Miss Misha loved to sunbathe, this is a good bug/tick repellant for your animals and yourself when needed.