great Gatsby

James Gatsby most known as jay Gatsby was found murdered at his home in the west.

last Thursday at eleven am . Born to a farmer Henry Gatsby in North Dakota, he later gained his education at St Olaf’s in Minnesota. Gatsby served in the U.S. Army first division during the war. He worked with Dan Cody on his yacht for five years and then moved to long island pursue his dreams of becoming a wealthy man. James lived to impress others with wealthy by throwing extravagant parties. He is survived by his father, Henry Gatsby of North Dakota. Funeral service will be held at three o’clock on Saturday at Mr. Gatsby's home and the Burial service will follow at four o’clock pm at the west Egg Cemetery.

Mr. Gatsby was known by many because of his fabulous parties he use to have in the past. I believe that the world will miss this brave and humble man even though no one knew him well but he will be remembered through his richest and fancy parties he used to have which made a lot of people to have the time of their lives and also show their expensive clothing.

This man was known by many but loved by few, and one of the lovable people in his life was Mrs. Daisy Buchanan. these two were in love in their childhood days but when Gatsby went away on his return it was too late because his love was married to a man name Tom Buchanan and with a child. but we pray that where ever his soul might be may he rest in peace and let this day be joyous for our hero the greatest man went to be our lord.
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