battery farming is cruel

stop this

intro to a life of hell

Battery farming is a kind of factory were animals are forsed to live in tiny cages and are treated horribly. Battery chickens may get to live to be 18 months old before they are killed for meat. rabbits,minks and silver foxes are kept in super small cages and are killed for their fur if they are lucky. Sometimes rabbits are not killed before thier fur is riped from the body.


go to  and see what you can do to help animals how can not help them selfs. Every time you buy free range stuff or barn stuff you help many live. you could also go to  and see how you can make it possible to have a factory farm free future.
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pet chicken

The animals you eat that live in ting cages have brains and hearts and most of all they have feelings.people sometimes own these animals and if you have ever owned a pet pig you would know that they are the most amazing wonderful animals ever. The most popular  farm animal to have is the chicken. they lay eggs and can be very freindly to people. They will most likely lay a egg a day until they are 2 years old and once they stop laying they can be feed scraps and there scat can be used on your garden. So maybe you would consider owning a chicken or two and make their life better. You could also rescue a battery farmed animal by doing some looking around on the internet.