Robert J. Havighurst

Havighurst Development Tasks of Adolescence

Robert J. Havighurst

  • Born: June 5, 1900
  • Died: January 31, 1991
  • Robert James Havighurst was a professor, physicist, educator, and aging expert.
  • Both his father, Freeman Alfred Havighurst, and mother, Winifred Weter Havighurst, had been educators at Lawrence University

What is it About?

How well you preform these tasks will help you determine your overall personalities. succes will lead to happiness. Failure leads to unhappiness, disapproval and difficulty later on.


1. be coming more of an adult- have more mature relations with people of both sexes.

2. Deciding on Roles- decisions will affect you later on in life.

3. Accepting your physical self- be comfortable and keep your body healthy.

4. Becoming more Independent- be able to think critically and make your own choices.

5. Preparing for marriage and family life- need to obtain knowledge about family and marriage.

6. Selecting an occupation- after evaluating your skills, talents, and goals you can pick your occupation.

7. Developing Personal Priorities- influenced by your family and society. will help guide you behavior.

8. Becoming more socially Responsible- learn how to be responsible, incorporate this knowledge in your priorities, then society will accept you.

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