Racism In Families Are Not Cool

by torriando evans jr

what community are we going to focus on? why did you pick this one?

those are exellent questions. the communities we are going to focus on is schools. i picked schools beause racism in schools effect education and i cant let that happen. the specific community i am going to focus on is american schools. study shows that when racism in schools happen, fights happen. and when fights happen, people get suspended and expelled. and when students get expelled or suspended, they dont learn

what is it going to cost? what materials do you need? do you need to pay people too?

it is going to cost at least 1700. i am going to need a microphone ,1000 to 1500 chairs, floor coering,a very large room, booth, speakers, curtains, a choir permission, cards, and a lot of people. i need 100 to 500 to pay the choir,300 to pay the dj, i need 900 to pay the crew for the setup, i need to pay uhaul for the moving and i need to pay someone for all the materials

who is going to be involved in this solution?

i said it before but i need the choir,dj, crew for setting up stuff, uhaul, walmart for the materials, and MY MOMMA!!!!!!!

how much time is this going to take? any time-frame?

i think it is going to take at least 3 years beacuse i need time for growth and expierience. i think that it will take until i completely know exactly what i am going to do.

what obstacles or problems do you think might happen in your solution?

well, since there is a racist problem i think there might be a fight in the crowd.and also the speakers might not be stable and landing on me. or i might studder and mess the whole thing up.

what unexpected problems do you think might come up in your solution?

i always feared one thing, someone beating me at my own game. someone might tell me i am giving false information or someone asking me a question i cannot answer. its kinda embarissing to get beat or silenced beacuse people might not take you seriously or trust you.

what do you hope and think the impact on your solution will be?

i hope that racism in families will go down or possibly stop.i think this would be very successful beacuse when someone hears something they spread the word or gossip about it. and it should stop when people talk.

survey information??

sure,why not.

60% of people agree that kids are supported by other racist families if they are racist

60% of people agree that kids are racist beacuse their family is

70% of people disagree that kids do not want to be racist if their family is

70% of people agree that families influence racism in kids

60% of people agree that kids get shunned from their families if they are not racist but the family is racist.

70% of people disagree that kids still love thier amily even if their famaly is racist

100% of people agree that kids choose to be racist for other reasons

100% of people agree that kids are scared to be racist beacuse it might get them hurt or shot.

100%of people agree that kids judge other kids beacuse kids are racist

100% of people disagree that racism in families is good

what was interesting about the interview information??

well,i was surprised that almost everybody had the same opinion on a few of the questions like "what i the whole purpose of being racist?" and people said " people think that one skin color is better that others". i was amazed that america has the same opinion on a specific question or statement.

any background research??


study shows that kids learning effort is affected by racism.

parents do not want their kids in a racist school.

racism in families happen everywhere in earth.

racism can lead to minor or major violence.

and last but not least, racism effects everyone from kids to parents to anyone in your family.