Prudence Crandall

Dates of Born and Death

Born into a Quaker family in 1803 in Hopkinton,Died January 28, 1889 in Elk Falls, Elk, Kansas, United States. ( )

Childhood and Education

Born into a Quaker family in 1803 in Hopkinton, R.I., Prudence Crandall moved to Connecticut at the age of 17 with her parents, Pardon and Esther Carpenter Crandall, and siblings. ( )

Personal information

Early life time

She attended the Friends' Boarding School in Providence, Rhode Island and later taught in a school for girls in Canterbury. In 1831, she returned to run the newly established Canterbury Female Boarding School,which she purchased with her sister Almira. Crandall married a Baptist minister and fellow abolitionist,Calvin Philleo,who had three children from an earlier marriage. ( )

what encouraged her to become a reformer

Although most women during the early 1800’s did not receive much education, Quakers (or Friends) believed that all women should be educated.

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