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Get ready for your best year yet!

Are you ready to get off to a great start this school year? Whether you are looking forward to new classes and new teachers, seeing friends everyday, trying a new sport, or just getting back into a regular routine, most students are looking forward to something about the "Back to School" time of year. Shiny new school supplies?

Your dedicated School Counselors:

Incoming Freshmen, be sure to attend the ICE Cream Social!

Advanced Placement Classes at PNHS

Many students find that there are multiple benefits to enrolling in AP classes. AP classes are a great way to prepare for college. If you score high enough on the AP exam, you can earn college credit. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars in college expenses. Many students also find that the challenge of the AP class itself, and the college level material presented, is the best preparation for college. It's not just about the AP exam, its about the overall learning experience.