Another Deadline! Another Smore!

Grades are updated for student and parent review.

Adiós to Las Estaciones Module this week and Hola to Los Deportes (The Sports) after the break.

Student have practiced talking about seasons and the weather; next they will practice the topic of sports, and hopefully, sports, seasons, and weather, since they can relate to each other . The topic of sports will be their last one for the Spanish 1B module. In this module students will somewhat complete their abilities with the past tense known as the preterite (action completed) past tense, although there still will be a few irregular verbs to learn.

The Los Deportes module is a short one based on number of pages, but, in the amount of memory work that should be done, it is quite large.

Fortunately, after this week (March 31 - April 4), Spring Break begins. Although it is time for some rest, hopefully there will be some time during the week (April 7- 11) to do part of that memory work - at least to give it a glance.

Time to Begin an Organized Review

Once our smart students (Of course all our students are smart ) have completed the Los Deportes Module, I hope that they will want to think about beginning an organized review. Especially important is a concentration on the grammar presented in the modules. I have created a document with suggestions for accomplishing that objective and will be emailing it after they return from Spring Break.

To assist with reviewing vocabulary I will create a document with the Spanish 1A Quizlet links for greetings, telling time, and interrogative words. Following those "older" review links, I will add the Quizlet links for all the Spanish 1B modules.

In the Smore that I send out after the next due date, I will include a link to that Document.

I hope that you have a fabulous Spring Break. Thank you for being wonderful "Georgia Virtualers."