By :Brittney Hernandez


Connection between people or places ,in particular

Verbal communication & Non communication

Verbal ex: 1. Learning 2. Listen 3.speak well

Non verbal ex: 1.wink 2. Smile 3.wave

Definition of an I message: Ownership for your feelings .You state what you feel or think instead of criticizing the other person ex: "I think you are ignoring me"

Definition of a you message:accusation the "you" message places the blame on the other person ex: " you embarrass me when you tell your so called funny stories about me to my professional friends.

Which type of message is best and why? Whose problem is it? State your point of view in a way that will not create an argument.

8 tips for better communication

1. Ask questions

2. Make a sincere compliment

3. Mention something you have in common with the other person

4. Discuss one topic

5. Body language

6. Respect the listener

7. Be positive


Netiquette: the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the internet

8 tips to manage conflicts

1. State the problem

2. List possible solutions

3. Evaluate each possible solution

4. Pick the best solution

5. Carry out the solution

6. Evaluate the results


8.speak freely, should lead to satisfactory solutions

Slang: an extravagant forced or facetious figures of speech

Slang words ex: 1.noob,sick,hater