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Water Injected Carburetor

Water Injection

water injection, is spraying water into the cylinder or incoming fuel-air mixture to cool the combustion chambers of the engine. Inserting a tube of misting spray into an intake manifold will increase your mile per gallon or gain of more horsepower. However, unless the user reprograms the car's ECU, power loss and damage will eventually occur.Only in vehicles in which the owner can take the car to a tuner will any benefit be seen. However, as soon as the water source is depleted the engine could over time damage itself.

latent heat of vaporization

Fuel and other liquids also have a property called the latent heat of vaporization. This refers to the heat absorbed when a substance changes phase from liquid to gas. In this respect, water is even more effective at absorbing heat energy, with a latent heat of vaporization about 6-7 times that of gasoline.
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How water injection work

this is how it work but it can be modify to where you only use water to help increase Mpg and not have it use for racing purposes
How Water/Methanol Injection Works & How It Makes Horsepower in Gas Engines