LOE's Wildy Important Goals


Live Oak Elementary has SWAG!

Yes, SWAG! SWAG refers to our School-Wide Academic Goals. At the end of each trimester, Live Oak students will track their progress towards achievement of our three academic and leadership roles. We track this progress on a school-wide, classroom, and individual level. Ask your student about his/her Leadership Notebook for more information about individual academic and leadership goals.

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  1. School-Wide Goal #1: All students will increase a grade level in Reading Comprehension by the end of the third trimester, and students below grade level standards will increase a grade level and a half.
  2. School-Wide Goal #2: All students will meet or exceed grade level standards in the ST Math syllabus by the end of the third trimester.
  3. School-Wide Goal #3: 100% of our students will identify as a leader with a leadership role.

Or, as our kids like to say, “Read, Read, Read, Ji, Ji, Ji, Lead, Lead, Lead!” Please continue to encourage your child to work on our web-based instructional tools, Lexia and ST Math. Our kids are experiencing so much growth and success with these fabulous supplements to our curriculum. At LOE, we provide our learners with leadership experiences to foster self-confidence and a growth-mindset. Ask your student(s) how the 7 Habits are impacting their learning at LOE!