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January 23, 2015

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A Note from Jen and Jane

Many thanks to those of you who have already submitted your ILL Statistics Form. The deadline is January 31st so you still have time to share those important numbers with us. Please be aware of another upcoming date... February 13th is the due date for your Member Plan.

Be sure to note these two sections below:
  • SSL Registration is now open and the SLS has funds available to help pay for your registration fee
  • NYLA has shared an update about the Governor's proposed budget with information about advocacy efforts

Enjoy your weekend and take #TimeToRead!

3D Printing in the Berlin High School Library

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SSL Conference April 30-May 2

Registration is now open for the 2015 SSL Conference being held in Tarrytown, NY from April 30th - May 2nd. For more information about the conference, presenters, and special events visit the conference website.

The School Library System will offer grants in the amount of $225 to pay for the registration fee for any school librarian attending the conference. Please email Jen if you are interested. You will be reimbursed after the conference once you submit proof of payment for registration and proof of attendance.

OverDrive Success Story at Maple Hill Middle School

Shared by Laura Naumovitz:

"I knew I wanted to get word out about how easy it was to take out eBooks. As our community is full of strong and avid readers, I knew getting them to read was not going to be my hurdle. I just needed the opportunity to show them how to access the collection and provide them an easy way to do it. I had already requested the Questar III OverDrive bookmarks last year. What I did was to make a mail merge with the kids ID's & Passwords onto mailing labels and stuck them onto the bookmarks. I joined up with a teacher in each grade and asked for 15-20 minutes to show them on the projector what it was like and how everything worked. During the presentation, we handed each student their personalized bookmark. By the end I wised up to asking if the kids could bring their devices with them to school that day so that they could go ahead and download the app and get set right up. The teachers loved it too and were able to show classes that I wasn't able to see due to scheduling. At this point, each student in the middle school should have had the opportunity to learn how to use OverDrive! I'm excited when students come down to tell me what book they checked out or to ask about a troubleshooting question. I have also directed them to Upper Hudson's OverDrive collection and told them how to access that as well."

US History Meets Modern Technology in Creative Biography Project

Visit Ichobod Crane's website to find out how students used the 3D printer to enhance projects created for their 11th grade US History class.

Save the Date! - Copyright Workshop with Anne Dalton, Esq.

On March 9th, copyright lawyer, Anne Dalton, will be joining us to discuss Fair Use Guidelines and Copyright Law as they relate to schools.

Learn about copyright, fair use, the First Sale doctrine, infringement issues, creative commons licensing, student performance issues, common sense teacher rules, and parameters. Learn Teach Act guidelines and more from an experienced copyright attorney.

Workshop and registration details are coming soon.

A History of NYS Library Aid

Information provided by the New Yorkers for Better Libraries PAC.
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NYLA Update From Jeremy Johannesen:

Greetings NYLA Members,

As you may be aware, Governor Cuomo released his FY2015-2016 Executive Budget proposal Wednesday afternoon. This officially begins the budget season here in Albany.

Last year the Governor cut $4M from the previous year’s enacted budget, and proposed $81.6M in state library aid. With your hard work we were able to reverse that cut, and $5M was added back to the budget, for a final number of $86.627M.

Despite some early discouraging reports about where we would be this year, we were able to successfully retain our $5M legislative add from the FY2014-15 enacted budget.

The Governor has proposed state library aid remain flat from last year, at $86.627M.

Though a small victory, this is flat funding from last year, and comes as the Governor is proposing up to a 4.8% increase in education spending. As we know from our recent Siena poll, a majority of New Yorkers want increased library funding, and 94% view libraries as an important part of our state's educational infrastructure. (Please use the findings of this poll in your advocacy efforts.) This year’s Executive Budget also proposes a continued $14M in library construction aid and a $1.3M reimbursement for libraries and library systems subject to the MTA Commuter Tax.

AS always, NYLA is relying on its members to take action, and contact your elected officials through NYLA’s online advocacy tools once you receive an “Advocacy Alert”. In the interim, I encourage all library and library system directors to encourage staff to participate in these actions. Encourage everyone to “Get on the List” NYLA has developed, and visit for updates. When engaging with your elected officials, it is important that you discuss the great work you and your library are doing, and to also stay on message by using the talking points we have on our website. For those of you on social media, we have posted a set of tweets that we encourage you to use, and tweet at your local Assemblyman and Senator.

LIBRARY ADVOCACY DAY is Wednesday, February 25th! Come to Albany and make your voice heard!

Rosen - Spotlight on New York Planning Guide

Mary Ratzer and Paige Jaeger have developed an in-depth planning guide to go with Rosen's interactive eBook series, Spotlight on New York. This resource and planning guide are available to you for FREE through the SLS. We encourage you and your teachers to take a look and see what you can use! You will find creative resources for grades 4-7, aligned to Common Core Learning Standards CCLS and the NYS Social Studies Framework.

The planning guide can be found in each eBook you select. In-school and remote access is available, so if you have trouble logging in either way, please let us know.

Authors Talk About National Readathon Day - Saturday, January 24th #TimeToRead!

National Readathon Day