Instuctoinal Design & Social Media

5 Guidelines- using Social Media in Instructional Activity

Social Media with an Instructional Twist

  1. -is always on the top of this list. This tool is the best way to search for students and contact them and connect with them informally.

  2. PBWorks- is a very beneficial wikipage that will allow you to publish relevant information from your course for students to access at their convenience. Great tool for task management.

  3. Elluminate- is a conferencing audio/video tool that will allow you to collaborate with your classmates via the internet. You are able to see the other person and retrieve an answer form them immediately. Great tool for online training.

  4. Jing- this is a screencast tool, this will allow you to screenshot your screen to the students or professor, if you are having trouble accessing something. This tool is a simple way to start sharing images and short videos from your computer screen.

  5. CMS (course management systems)- this is the most common used tool in any instructional activity. This is usually the platform where all your activities and assignments are updated. You are able to contact one another, and wok collaboratively on a discussion board. It usually contains all of the above tools into one platform. Blackboard is a prime example of this.


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