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Hello All,

This past Thursday, the high school cafeteria annex hosted its first service learning fair of the school year. For those not familiar, this is the culmination of the Service Learning Project, which is a graduation requirement for all students. The goal of the Service Learning Project is for students to give of themselves by participating in a venture that strengthens the community.

Here is a quick overview of the Service Learning Project, which can also be found on the school's website:

1. Students will perform a Service Learning Project in which they volunteer at least 20 hours of their time to benefit others and/or their environment.

2. Students start by finding an adult who has been trained to be a mentor. Students will then initiate a meeting with their mentor to discuss project ideas and timelines.

3. Students then select a service project and submit an Action Plan to their mentor. Once the Action Plan has been signed by a parent and the mentor, the student is ready to begin their service.

4. While students work on their project, they must keep a Reflection Journal, in which they document what they're doing and learning.

5. Upon completion of their service, students discuss ideas for a Presentation Artifact with their mentor. Once they have agreed upon an acceptable Presentation Artifact, students will complete it and submit it to their mentor.

6. The work done by the student during the project will be graded by their supervisor. The Service Learning Project will then be graded by the student's mentor.

7. The student's Artifact will go on display during one of the four Service Fairs held during the year. The student and the mentor must attend the Service Fair to collect feedback and speak with attendees.

For more information regarding the Service Learning Project, please go to the following link:

Service Learning Project

As always, thank you for your continued dedication to the success of our students.

Mark Your Calendars

  • 11/18: Board of Education Mtg, 7 pm, HS Aud Lobby
  • 11/19: National Parental Involvement Day
  • 11/19 + 20: K-5 Early Release - Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences - 11:30 am