IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?????????????????????????????????????????


during the summer of 2011, scientists have proven that the "Seal Subjects" have been reported missing from their homes. Confused they sent out, Samantha Scheryer, to go and see where they went to. On one of her days off, she had taken her cousin, Kaylee Brown to the, Paris Amusment park. Waiting in the line to the rollercoast Samantha spotted a peculiar shape inside of the cart. "It was amazing, i had never thought that i would have figured out our problem there out of all places. I was completly astounded." Samntha informs. It turns out that the Seals had decided to take a ride on the rollercausters, in the Paris Amusment park. "I have to say, not only did that amaze me, but there was something else they were doning......they were.......DANCING IN THE CART!!" she informed squilling with delite. So now not only have seals found a way to get onto rollercausters, but they have also learned the way of, "The Tango."

HOW DID THEY GET ON THE ROLLERCAUSTER??????????????????????????


The reason why The Seals were able to get onto the rollercauster was because of the fact that, the mid-age male that was in charge of the rollercauster had fallen asleep. One of the litle kids in line had gotten into the control box pressing buttons and pulling levers. THANK GOODNESS that noone was hurt in the process.