CultureGrams: World Edition

published by ProQuest

Find it on the High School Library's Webpage!

This database is updated weekly and is especially useful for all of you French III and Spanish III students who are researching a French-speaking or Spanish-speaking country for your presentations. You can also access this, and the other databases, from home using the passwords provided in the library. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask!

Important features to notice:

  • An interactive map that assists when choosing a country
  • Images, videos, interviews and slide shows for each country
  • The ability to create custom graphs and tables based on statistics you choose
  • A variety of maps for each country, including political and topographical
  • Convenient tools that allow for currency conversion, distance calculation, and world time viewing
  • Audio capabilities, such as playing the national anthem for each country, playing the name of country spoken in the native language, and audio recordings of the text of the documents
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For each country you will find...

In their own words:

"Because learning about other countries and cultures makes a difference—to you, your community, and the world at large—we have created CultureGrams. Our reports give you a framework for understanding and appreciating how other people live and think. In a small way, they let you stand in someone else’s shoes, an experience which becomes the basis for tolerance, respect, mutual understanding, and communication. CultureGrams helps you take each culture on its own terms and appreciate it for the gifts it brings to the world table: its religions and worldviews, arts and traditions, peoples and languages." ("The World: General Introduction." CultureGrams. Proquest, 2014. Web. 9 Nov. 2014.)


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