Ready to learn about All'asta?!?

Live Opportunity Webinar Monday Night!!

If you've been curious about what All'asta is all about, its time to find out!

Join us on Monday, March 25 from 9:00-10:00 pm EST for a live, NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED, free Opportunity Webinar. Our amazing trainer, Susie Nelson, will be explaining All'asta, our unique concept and why we're taking off like wildfire!

Currently, All'asta has less than 200 consultants TOTAL in about 25 states. We're a TRUE ground-floor opportunity. So what does that mean to you? How about minimal to no competition in your area? The opportunity to build a HUGE team and a company! Truly LIMITLESS earning potential! NOW is an amazing time to make All'asta your new career.

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Our beautiful, new eclectic Spring/Summer catalog has been so well-received by our customers!

As an All’asta Consultant, you can . . .

• Earn between 25–34% commission on party sales
• Earn up to 9% overrides on your team sales
• Full-time or part-time, it’s your choice!
• Provide guests and hosts with the opportunity to sell their own items and pocket some profit of their own
• Receive leadership bonus income when you promote AND when you build your team
• Receive all needed support and training from a company committed to your success

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What is All'asta

"A year from now you may wish you had started today."

You've got nothing to lose, so just take an hour of your time and log in to this free webinar. It may just change your financial future!

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I can't wait to share this truly amazing company and opportunity with you!

Thanks so much!

Amanda Friedman Mascio

Senior Design Consultant