Thomas Jefferson's Personal Beliefs

In the Declaration of Independence

Young Lawyer from Virginia becomes the "Father of the Declaration of Independence"!

In June 1776, the Second Continental Congress selected 5 people to write a formal document to King George to declare their desire for the thirteen colonies to separate from Great Britain. These people included Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin. Because Jefferson was known to already be a great writer, he was the one who mainly wrote this document.

Jefferson's Personal Beliefs are mirrored in the Declaration of Independence

Young Thomas Jefferson was well-read and his personal beliefs influenced what he used as reasons for declaring the American colonies' independent from Great Britain. He believed that --

  • government should protect the rights of its citizens
  • people should govern themselves
  • all men are created equal

Interview with Steve Helm, retired U.S. History teacher of the Los Angeles Unified District

What does learning about history tell us about today?

The thing is is that Thomas Jefferson lived over 240 years ago and yet his writing is what is still around today!! Not just in the Declaration of Independence but also in many other government documents. Like the Constitution. In fact, he is so important that if he had not written the Declaration of Independence, we would probably still be under British rule!!!

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