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Should college athletes be paid for playing?

Should college athletes be paid?


College students should not be paid due to the fact that they are not in the professional leagues.

College Athletes

The number one question going around is if college athletes should be paid. Honestly, it would be a great thing for the athletes because that's just easy money going into their back pocket, but that would be bad thing for the people that are not playing any sports.

How much?

When I think about the amount of money a single college athlete will get is not that much. I'll say that they'll get a little amount due to what they to build, replace, or buy. They'll just lose money because their giving it away to these athletes.
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They Already Have Enough

According to the NCAA, athletic scholarships cover a median $27,923 in costs each year for players at Football Bowl Subdivision (Division I) schools. And that doesn't count complimentary tickets, apparel, equipment and, most importantly, the best academic support the university can offer.
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Where does the money come from?

Powerhouse athletic departments such as Ohio State, Alabama and Oregon might be able to afford to pay stipends to every one of their athletes, both men and women, in revenue-producing sports and non-revenue-producing sports.

Could Send A Bad Message

Is this what we want elementary and middle school students to see? As soon as they see this they will be demanding pay at the high-school level. The message College Sports would be sending is "it's OK to hold out for more money and it's OK to only pay some athletes but not others." Every kid will grow up wanting to join the football team just regardless of talent.