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April 3, 2020

Principals' Message

Happy Friday GVES families!

We hope you found as many ‘bright spots’ as we did this week! Here are a few:

  • Our Principal’s Message went back to Principals’ Message. Mrs. Conley is back with the GVES team full time once again!

  • There were gorgeous pieces of poetry written in 4th grade this week.

  • We saw all 23 smiling faces on the screen during a recorded 3rd-grade math class.

  • We heard 5th graders giving book reviews.

  • Families took the time to send us positive messages about the teachers at GVES.

  • People all around us stopped, took a breath, and chose to lift someone up around them.

The list could go on but our point is to demonstrate that although there were some ‘dark spots’ this week, noticing the ‘bright spots’ highlighted much of what makes us proud to be a part of the Garnet Valley community. In a continued effort to stay connected, we’ll have a short Loom video at the start of each Friday smore. It contains highlights from our school and home worlds. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to continuing to grow in this new normal with all of you!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Jones & Mrs. Conley


GVES - Started the week with a hello!

MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!! - The best version of collaboration!


Please read this helpful communication (and linked information contained within it) if you have not already:



Big picture


Big picture


Dear Families,

Yesterday we released the second-trimester progress report. It was directly emailed and you can also access it by following these steps:

1. Log in to Alma at https://gves.getalma.com/home

2. Click on your child on the far left side

3. Click on the report cards tab at the top of the screen

We wanted to again provide you with additional information about your child’s progress report. Our GVSD elementary school progress report is anchored in a standards-based reporting principle where students’ progress towards standards is indicated along with reporting on the Qualities of a Learner. You can read more about the progress report by clicking the link below:


Description of Proficiency Levels:

The district has developed progress reports for all elementary grades, K to 5. Student progress on each Quality of a Learner and Academic indicator is reported using a 4-point rubric. This rubric is a departure from previously used state reporting language and intended to be more student-centered. The rubric was designed so that grades do not indicate the end of the learning progress. The student score on the rubric informs the student and parent/guardian of where the student currently is on a learning continuum. When a student achieves a 3, he or she has met the grade level expectation at this time.

Furthermore, your child’s Fountas and Pinnell reading level will be indicated on the progress report. You can see the reading level continuum here: http://bit.ly/FPTextLadder

Click the Seesaw or Schoology image to check for service interruptions

District Device Update


Prior to the extended school closure, all elementary student iPads were managed by each classroom teacher. Each teacher monitored the student iPad daily and reinforced which free apps should and should not be downloaded. Due to this extended school closure, we had to alter that model and need your support in managing your child's iPad. Students should not be downloading free apps to their school-issued iPad without teacher or parent permission. Please check-in with your child/ren to ensure they are not downloading apps that are not school-related. If you find an app that was downloaded without permission, please delete it.

We greatly appreciate your support with this.

GVSD Technology Department


A reminder that teachers are available during regular school hours to communicate with parents through e-mail. Teachers will try to answer parent e-mails within 24 hours. We ask for your patience and understanding. Teachers' priority is communication with students about their learning, but we also want to help our parents through this process. Many of our teachers are parents and are navigating the online learning experience with their own children. They see that managing our children's learning at home, along with other work and family obligations, is a challenge! We will keep that in mind!

All assignments issued by teachers, including our special area teachers (PE, Health, Art, Music, Library Skills, Developmental Guidance, Book Smarts) are required to be completed. Students will have extended time to complete assignments. For example, assignments issued for the week of 3/30 to 4/3 will be due by noon on Monday, April 13th (adjusted from original date).

If students finish assignments and you are looking for more learning resources, click link below:


While this situation is not anything that any of us expected or wanted, we will make the best of it, looking for the bright spots--time together with our loved ones, supporting each other as a school community, new learning that comes from meeting the challenges of a new situation, and pride in our own strength and resilience!


Attendance will be reported on a weekly basis. A student in grades K-5 will be considered present when a completed parental verification of attendance is received. The form will be emailed on Mondays following the week of instruction. You will receive the first one on Monday, April 6th to confirm attendance for the week of March 30th to April 3rd. This verification form includes a space for you to indicate a reason for missed days of “school.”

The form will be emailed from Mrs. Jones via ALMA each week. Our secretary Mrs. Centone will keep track of attendance. If you have any questions, please email her for clarification. tcentone@garnetvalley.org



4/26 Jaguarjog



The Parent Portal on our district website provides important information to help parents.navigate the GV school experience. Below is the link to the parent portal:


Garnet Valley CTC Quick Tip #29 Our Resilient Students

The results are back from the 2017 Pennsylvania Youth Survey for Garnet Valley’s 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders. We also have results from 2013 and 2015.

The results of this anonymous survey are self-reported and represent 83.9% of our students. Results from the 2019 Youth Truth Survey are also included below for our elementary students.

Did you know?

“’Resilient’ [kids] are those who have managed to cope effectively, even in the face of stress and other difficult circumstances. A number of factors promote resilience… among the most important are caring relationships with adults,” (PAYS 2017). Teachers, coaches, and religious leaders, can make a big difference. Two independent surveys attest to the strong relationships our students have with their teachers. In grades 3rd to 5th, our elementary students scored in the 90th percentile nationally on a measure of how strong and supportive their relationships were with their teachers (Youth Truth, 2019). Garnet Valley’s high school and middle school students, 85% to 94% of them, reported feeling closely involved with their classrooms and their teachers (PAYS 2017).

Call to action… Resilience which helps us cope with life’s challenges is like a muscle that is developed throughout our lifetime (APA). The good news is that our students have been in the “resiliency muscle” building process in relationships with their teachers, coaches, religious leaders, and families. We will get through this pandemic because we are more resilient together! To learn more about resilience click below.


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