tourist guide

where is it?

Buttrio is a part of the province of Udine, it is a few minutes from the exit to the motorway "Udine-sud".

To find on map clik https://maps.google.it/maps?q=buttrio&hl=it&ll=46.015592,13.340664&spn=0.022084,0.045447&sll=46.114369,13.119897&sspn=1.410815,2.90863&hnear=Buttrio,+Udine,+Friuli-Venezia+Giulia&t=h&z=15

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What you can do


in Buttrio there are many mountain-bike trails. On the plain the trails are easy, instead on the hills they are little difficult, so if you go on the hills you must pay attention.

If you like go to walking, Buttrio is a nice place to do it. There is a beautiful journey along the hill, long about 5 km. During the journey there are some places where you can have a brake and watch the unique panorama, also you can have a picnic.

In the sports field there is a baseball field, 2 football fields and 1 basketball out-field.


You can visit the castle of Buttrio (it has just been renovated). Or 2 villas, Villa Dragoni and Villa Toppo Florio, but they are open only a few days a year.


Buttrio is famous for the wien festival, it takes place in Villa Toppo Florio and is during the early June. In fact buttrio is called "city of wine"(in my opinion there are more vineyards than people). During this event there is a race of barrels!

On the frist of May there is a marathon called "marcialonga", long 6 or 12 or 24 km. For this occasion there is a little feast.

In July there is the feast of chicken, it takes place in the "Palafeste" near the sports field. In this feast you can taste some traditional dishes, and of course the chicken.

On the third weekend of September there is a very imoprtant marathon, called "24x1 ora", it is 24 hours long. People come from to all over the Friuli, also from Austria and Slovenia.