!The Man Who Dives For Sharks!

By: Anthony Mathis


This book is about alout about sharks!

Chapter Types of Sharks. Sub title Grate white shark

Did you know that there is over 100 difrent speiseas of sharks! The grate white shark has white on the bottom of it and black on the top. Because if a nether sea crecher were to look up they would see the light reflecting off of the sharks white bottom and would not see it because the bottom is so light. In a skale the grate white shark is close to being extnicingt from the entir world. The grate white sharks are one of the top ochan predides because of there tales of speed. Thats why the grate whte shark is so strong.

sand tiger sharks

The sand tiger sharks are very strong. The sand tiger shark is 75 present deadly. It is still one of the most dedleyist shark in the world. In a population scale it is somewhere in between.

Bite steps

To get Really big bites out of it's pray, a The megalodon on changes the whole shape of its head as it as atacks one but when the shark starts to bite, the mouth moves in front of its head .2. The pointed snowt bends up the way and the jaw rotates forward . The entire front of its head is huge Open mouth . As the shark bites off of meat.3. The mouth roatats under the body again Sharks don't chew their prey.


Do you I think this goes prehistoric shark is still in the oceans today if yes you should read more if not you might learn something new this humongous sharks teeth can grow up to 6 inches in length . The megaladons full name is kar-lair-uh-darn-Meg-uh-loh-dawn.


Did you Know tons of fish get eatin every day.here are a fete type sharks. Megalodon goblin grate white whale mako sand tiger tiger all of these sharks are fish eating sharks.


shark teeth are very strong most shark teeth look very different they mite have one pont and one dall end.the megalodons tooth is the strongest ever discovered so far in the world. Some shark teeth are very raer.
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