come be apart of our mixed economy

were everyone is equal and not one person has all the power

a mixed economy

A mixed economy is neither free enterprise nor socialist. Its the mix of the two. It is a great way of life to live. We split the power to were not one person has fool control. Its a life to were we the people can even own our own businesses and have our own rights.
Mixed Economy

benefits of living in a mixed economy

Some people say that the free enterprise is better because they have more money. Think about this if you were poor and lived in that type of economy you wont have much. It will take a lot longer to buy the things you want. IN a socialism economy it is very poor and depend on donations to still be running. even if you have a lot of money whats the point of living here because there will be nothing to buy. On the other hand the mixed economy has both rich and poor people living here. It takes the average between these to making things a lot cheaper and more available.

why people prefer mixed economy

  • .In a mixed economy, private businesses can decide how to run their businesses (e.g. what to produce, at what price who to employ, etc.).

  • .Consumers also have a choice in what they want to buy.

  • .In this system, there is also less income inequality.
  • criticism

    people say it isn't a good place to live because it makes the rich people seem poor. In reality tho that is a lot better because its makes everyone seem as one.