Daily spring break news

By Emily Halleck

Mr.Freeze shuts down!

On the day of March 14th, 2015, Mr.Freeze at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, is constantly having problems running smoothly and safely. That same day after the incident, Six Flags makes a flash decision to let people ride it again, and I was on the first set of people to ride Mr.Freeze after experiencing mechanical problems. Mr.Freeze is a reversed rollar coaster that goes 70 miles an hour in under .3 seconds that has extreme flips, twists and turns. Riding Mr.Feeze for the first time is a very scary experience, especially when it wasn't safe to ride that same day. When the ride started up at 70 miles per hour, we were instantly shot out of a tunnel and when we went on the first flip, people fell out of the coaster and i was instantly scared for my life because i didn't fall all out except for four other people. Luckily, there was only minor injuries, but now many people that were on the ride are filing law suits toward Six Flags for putting many people in serious danger.
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Mr.Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas

Endangered species: spider monkeys

On March 16th, 2015, me and 5 other people from Texas went on a trip to the Amazon rainforest to explore the different areas, and to look for rare or endangered species. While we were there, we did something spectacular. we had gone on a mission to spot spider monkeys to understand their animal traits better. After 2 days of hunting down the spider monkeys, we finally found baby spider monkeys that were sepreated from there mother. The team then decided to take care of the baby monkeys until they were ready to go back into the wild. We were very excited to set the monkeys free because all animals deserve a chance to live in the wild without fear. Going on this trip was amazing and i hope to go back soon to help more animals get back to being themselves.
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The three spider monkeys seperated by their mothers

Stuck in the mountains

To end my spring break, I decided to go to Russia to the fridgid snowy mountains with Mariana. Me and Mariana also went to Sochi where the 2014 winter Olympics was held last February. Since we are both used to hot summery temperatures, going out in -15 was very uncomforting. When we were hiking up a hill, a huge avalanche came and we both didn't know where we were going at that point. Luckily, Daniel Sherman from Teen Wolf was shooting for his new movie that takes place in fridgid mountains, came to rescue us in his private jet! We are both very thankful for him and without his kind gestrure, who knows where we would be today.
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At the top of the Sochi mountains