The Story Of Apollo

What is up with the dead dragon?

By: Audrey Moos and Juliennne Vargas

Interview with Apollo

Audrey: So Apollo to answer the question at the top, what is up with the dead dragon?

Apollo:Well, for starters, When My mother was pregnant with me, Hera (Zeus's wife) sent a dragon named Python (Cheesy name, right?) after her to make sure I was never born.

Audrey: Interesting, did you do anything else to the dragon how did it die?

Apollo: Well, I was born and of course, as soon as I was born, I attacked the dragon, witch I then killed.

Julienne: Wow.... You were a newborn baby when you killed the dragon?!?!!

Apollo: Ya, I was a strong kid

Julienne: You're telling me.

Julienne: So, where do you live?

Apollo: I live on Olympus with my father Zeus.

Audrey: What do you do for a living?

Apollo: I ride the sun chariot and shoot things with my bow and arrow. I also play my lyre.

Comparison to KISS

Similarities to KISS ARE:

They both play music.

They are both famous.

They both have something to do with fire.

Diferences between KISS are:

Apollo rides a chariot.

Apollo is a god.

Kiss is a rock band.

Apollo is immortal

Apollo lives on mt. Olympus