20 Minute Challenge

Every Order Counts - Sponsored by Amy Putnam!

Every Order Counts Valentines Weekend!

Hi Team,
Let's see what we can do with this fun and fabulous order Home Office sent out to us! We are going to do an EVERY ORDER COUNTS Campaign. Any order that contains the City Slim Clutch Promotion gets you an entry!

Think about it....most of your orders will be $100! I know for many .... booking trunk shows in February has been tough! This could be a fun way to reach out....not only for sales, but also trunk shows!

Get it GIRLS! Find the "OFFICIAL POST" on the team page and reply when you get an order with the City Slim Clutch Promotion!" You're entered to win Amy's FAB GIFT! xoxo
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All About AMY!!!

I have used Arbonne for 9 years-and before I decided S&D was my family I loved it enough to consider joining them as a consultant-S&D won the day with their unbeatable business model!! I share that because I LOVE S&D but I also really LOVE Arbonne. I have super sensitive skin and despite trying everything under the sun I always come back to the Re9 line for my skin care. (But truly I LOVE it all!)

Her Bio & Why:
I am an extrovert who loves a challenge. And-I'm also a military wife and a mom to two beautiful girls (ages 5&2). Prior to motherhood I worked full time as a elementary school teacher. While my husband went through pilot training for the Air Force I worked full time and finished my masters degree in education. Despite all of that-teaching did not lend itself well to accommodating babies and a husband who was sometimes gone 80% of the year. I turned down my dream teaching job to be able to be a mom and supportive wife. We cut way back and made one income a way of life. After my second child was born I needed something else-something that allowed me to focus on more than my home. A way to remember that I'm really good at lots of different things. But it had to be low stress and it had to be FUN! In walked S&D-which I resisted styling with for over a year before signing up. (I don't know what was wrong with me!) Now, it's the flexible income for our family to do fun things and the social circle of amazing ladies that I needed! It's my "me" time and now it's something that has blossomed into something my husband really sees as an asset to our family and not just something I do for myself. It's helped me remember a bit more of who I am at my core.

Her WHY:
To encourage women to be confident in their gifts and capable of reaching their goals. Stella & Dot provides a safe place for women to explore their personal dreams without compromising their commitment to home life.

2016 Goal

Reach my star stylist career level for the 2nd time and unlock my $1000 for $198 sampling coupon each season.


Don't let the setbacks become roadblocks! When the going gets tough Remember your why and start at square one. 2-2-4-2, when you use the plan in place it works (don't for get that "who do you know" list--it's a square one must!)