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About the movie

The film follows two sisters Princesses: Elsa (Adina Menzel), the older sister, has received supernatural powers that enable it to create the birth of ice and snow; Anna (Kristen Bell), little sister, optimistic and lonely.

The film opens with a scene in front provides the background story for the film. In the first part of the scene preview looks Christoph (Jonathan Groff) breaking ice in the winter with relatives. The second part looks Anna, seeks Elsa build a snowman using her powers. Elsa answered, and while playing amateur builds a snowman and called him hugs Olaf. During the game accidentally hits Elsa Anna's head with her strength, as she tries to keep her from falling. Emerging King and Queen Elsa shouts of panic after discovering what had happened, hurry with Anna and Elsa forest, where the head of the trolls, the great pubs (Ciaran Hinds), Anna heals by deleting all touch of magic from her memory. Elsa pubs warns that future power grow and it will control and fear will be the enemy. Christoph glancing surreptitiously going on, where it adopts troll and Sven. They heard the words of the great pubs and so Elsa would not harm anyone more parents decide to hide and Elsa retreat to her bedroom, locked the palace gates and sisters are separated. Over the years trying to understand why her sister Anna does not leave her room, but she does not understand and staying alone in the palace during the imprisoned Elsa's forces becoming stronger in her room. Her father told Elsa gives her gloves and teacher "hide and feel" to control her powers. After Elsa and Anna teenage parents leave the kingdom voyage but the ship which sailed from drowning. Three years after the death of the king and queen coronation day arrives voyage of the Queen of Arendal Elsa.Coronation Day comes and palace gates opened for the first time since the death of the king and queen. Anna and Elsa see each other the first time in years. Many visitors come for the coronation such Tangled Rapunzel and Flynn and Duke Mroclton (Alan Todiik), seeking to exploit the resources of the kingdom to his personal needs. Shortly before her coronation afraid Elsa its forces are exposed, while Anna walks in the kingdom and meets Prince Hans (Santino Fontana), The Southern Islands prince falls in love. Coronation goes without problems and approaching Anna and Elsa Elsa each other but Anna makes clear that this is a temporary situation. Hearing the words of Anna and Elsa impaired runs insult. She met Prince Hans again and they declare their love for each other and decide to get married. The couple comes Elsa asks her blessing as the Queen of marriage, but they were prohibited to marry on the grounds that the two only met, although Anna claims that true love. Elsa is angry and wants to close the gates of the palace. Anna tries to stop the application and pulls one of her sister's glove emotional turmoil creates large ice spikes and soda exposed. Guests who arrived for the coronation show fear and Elsa decides to run away from the kingdom while freezing Kingdom. Elsa flees to the mountains, where she realizes that she has to hide her powers and further declares itself free from the restrictions and laws are required to follow them since childhood. Elsa is building an ice palace itself with its forces as it creates snow creatures such as Olaf, which created the life after childhood with Anna.

Anna, who is Arendal frozen, goes to look for her sister to make her stop the eternal winter kingdom imposed. Is her lover, Prince Hans, the person in charge absence. During her search for Anna loses her horse at the sound of a wolf howl, stopping at a road where it meets Kristof, selling ice tells her that something magical is happening on the northern mountains. Anna, who understands that this is her sister, asking Christoph help her get there. After Ana, Kristof and his reindeer, Sven go out on their journey, they are attacked by a pack of wolves. During the flight they lose the sled of Christoph and are forced to continue their journey on foot. At the same time, Arendal some miracle blankets and hot food on the kingdom during the Duke Mroclton Elsa calls "monster" and claims to have killed her because cast a curse on the kingdom. Meanwhile, Anna's horse that lost returns Arendal. Hans realizes that something has happened to Anna and decides to look for her. Duke Mroclton sends two of his men to searches with Hans and instructs them to "put an end to winter," when will meet Elsa.

Anna and Sven Christoph continue to set forward in the north and on the way met Olaf (Josh Gad), a snowman dreaming live summer, created by Anna and Elsa childhood and re-enlivened by Elsa. Anna recognized him for his name and his fondness for hugs. Olaf tells them that he knew where Elsa and leads them to her. Anna, Christoph, Sven and Olaf now also come to the ice palace built for herself Elsa where they encounter it. Anna begs told Elsa Elsa to come back to the kingdom but refused to leave. She explains that she could not return to Arendal after floor is a palace of ice, alone, because only where it can be herself and not to offend anyone. Ana Elsa heralds that the Arendal Hotel eternal winter and this scared and starts to lose control of her powers, until finally hits Bana. Anna refuses to leave the palace without her sister, but Elsa creates a big snowman and threatens named "Honey" which expels Ana, Sven and Olaf Christoph palace and throws them off the mountain. Christoph noticed Anna's hair turning white and realizes that she was hurt and decides to take her to his fellow trolls, whom he calls "the experts passions", because he saw them taking care of Anna as a child after being hit on by Elsa. Meanwhile, the frightened Elsa palace can not take over the powers and ice walls closing in on her.

And to know what hapend next you should see the movie

The carecters

If you love disny movies you have to see this movie with all famile This movie will make you smeil and laugh alowt.

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