Low Testosterone... What is it?

A decrease in the production of the male hormone Testosterone from the Testicles.

Explanation of Imbalance of Homeostasis

Normally, the body has a Testosterone level of somewhere between 300ng/dl and 800ng/dl. A diagnosis will result when this level drops below 300ng/dl. The body begins to slow down because of the decrease in testosterone, a hormone which is linked to energy, strength, and sex drive. This can be caused by factors such as old age, Testicular Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Obesity, etc.


These include but are not limited to: decrease in energy, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decrease in strength.


Injection of Testosterone- Increase the levels of testosterone through a direct injection

Digestion through Testosterone Pills- Pills are medically prescribed to patients which function to increase the level of testosterone in the male's body


"More men are getting older, and men are more open about talking about erectile dysfunction"

Spyros Mezitis, MD, PhD