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Be creative and make your own shirt!

Our shop is that unique, colorful, and crazy shop you hear everyone talking about. Not only you can buy our tumblr inspired shirts, muscle tees, and crop tops, but you can also make your own shirts that can be inspired from your own imagination! Come join us for a fun ride in the land of colors, inspirations, and perfection!

CEO needed!

Prodigy needs a CEO for our new branch. If you have the ability to be initiative. If you are a risk taker, come to our shop! Our CEO needs to have a background of 2 management courses, 5 years of work experience as a CEO. You need to be strict, you need to have the ability of taking action, and most importantly you need to communicate and coordinate with our prodigy team! Our CEO will have a medical insurance, 2 week payed holiday in a year, you will be payed $100 per hour! get your pants and come to prodigy's new branch with your CV today!